\”The Biggest Loser\” on the Hot Seat

I\’m super pumped to be launching my new interview video show and podcast (podcast launches next week). The premise of the show is intimate interviews with today\’s influencers, and I have not quite settled in on an official name, so if you have an idea please add to the comments below. 
In this episode I interview, Devin Alexander Healthy Comfort Food Chef, Weight Loss Expert, and New York Times Bestselling Author, is the Chef of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”. Devin’s unique approach to healthy cooking and her motivational personal story have landed her appearances on more weight loss and fitness shows than any other food expert or nutritionist in America. 
Devin  is the author of a plethora of yummy cookbooks and lifestyle guides, including The Most Decadent Diet Ever

Some questions I ask:

Women and Weight loss. Why do (some) women feel they aren\’t good enough? (1:00)
What are the stories behind massive weight gain? (10:34)
For those people with only a few minutes, here\’s a highlight from Facebook minute.

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