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If you’re really serious about writing your book ‘rapid-fire’ fast, accelerating your growth, and implementing innovative marketing strategies, then you’re at the right place at the right time.


I’m offering a selective few leaders and entrepreneurs an entire VIP day – 8 hours in which I consult with you on your book, brand, and business and share with you all my secrets on how to increase your impact, influence, and income.

What It Is

What It's Not

I contacted Alicia Dunams after writing a book in 46 hours on the train. During our VIP Day session, Alicia gave me sage advice that led to a two book publishing deal. If you have a story to tell, contact Alicia.
Joe Burke
National Award-Winning Marketing Executive

Why a VIP Day?

I find many of my clients are looking for laser, one-on-one coaching with me so they can rapidly achieve results in a matter of an hour, including drafting a book manuscript to fleshing out and implementing their online marketing plan.

How Your VIP Day Works

Your VIP Day is a unique, 8-hour in-depth, white-glove VIP Day with you, all focused on accelerating your growth, either in beautiful Miami Beach or I come to you. 

We also have the option of doing your VIP Day over Zoom.

I look forward to our deep dive and creating massive results during our VIP Day.


We start with a Strategy Session phone call. A week to a month before your VIP Day we’ll have an in-depth 60-minute phone call. We’ll start your strategy planning on this call and continue when we’re in-person together. You will receive detailed pre-work to be prepared for the VIP day.


You arrive in Miami Beach (or I arrive at your location) at least the day before. If you are coming to Miami Beach, I provide you with a list of recommended hotels in a variety of price ranges. You should plan to stay at least 2 nights. Of course, you can stay longer and experience all Miami has to offer. (We can also do VIP days over ZOOM if you prefer.)


We’ll start around 9:00am. Typically, the first hour of the day is spent establishing the foundational elements of your business. I’ll ask you tons of clarifying questions. Then the first half of the day is spent in deep dive and instant results, from outlining and writing your book, to implementing your social media strategy.


Write your book. If your goal is to write your book during our session, we will begin the 5-part signature process to develop your book content. We will spend 4-5 hours determining your book topic, title and subtitle, and developing 100+ pages of book content. We can spend the rest of the day on book packaging, publishing, and marketing methods and strategies, or business development.


I treat you to lunch. Let’s break bread together! Oftentimes, we turn these into working lunches, and I have food catered in the hotel suite. (And if you’re on a special diet, we’ll accommodate you.)


Online Business Strategy. If we are focusing on business strategy and launching your online business and brand, the second half of the day is creating your Business Blueprint and Book Marketing strategy. We map out your entire business, including all product and service offerings and marketing channels. I’ll work on flip chart paper and/or on my computer to map out with you all the details of your business strategy. (If we are focusing on your book, we can spend the second half of the day on book packaging, publishing, and marketing methods and strategies, or business development.


Post-VIP phone call. A week after your VIP Day we’ll have a wrap-up phone call to ensure all deliverables from the VIP day are on track and you are set up for maximum success.

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