Dream, Declare, Deliver: The Power Of Going After Your Dreams With Crystal Dawn Church

  Everybody’s got a book inside of them waiting to come out. After meeting Alicia Dunams at a women’s circle and joining the Bestseller in a Weekend course, Crystal Dawn Church finally decided to write down her own story of childhood abuse and addiction and how she moved from where she was to where she is now. The process was the […]

Split-Second Decisions: Training Your Mind To Recognize Critical Consequences With Dr. Geoffrey Mount Varner

  We make about 35,000 decisions every day, and most of those are mundane and don’t even matter, such as what color of shirt to put on or which shoes to wear. Only about 1% to 2% of those decisions are life-changing and life-altering, and most of them are split-second decisions. Dr. Geoffrey Mount Varner says if […]

As seen on TV (reality TV show cameo)

Can writing a book be a healing experience? Last September, I met a really special woman, Tonesa Welch on the set of ‘Notorious Queens.’ I was specifically selected to “coach her memoir” out of her during one of the episodes. Tonesa, like many women I’ve met, has journeyed though life with fair share of ‘bumps […]

Lion At Heart With Kai Hayes

  A lot of people don’t know how to discover their courage but it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Alicia Dunams’ guest today is Kai Hayes, the author of Lion at Heart: Discovering Courage and Greatness Within. Lion at Heart helps you find the strength to discover you are a warrior in life. In this […]

Miracle Mentality With Tim Storey

  We all have an innate miracle mentality within us. It’s only when the people around us become the opposition to our mission by making us doubt ourselves and telling us to “get real” that we lose it. Alicia Dunams’ guest is Tim Storey, the acclaimed author of The Miracle Mentality. In this episode, you’ll […]

Books Have Many Paths, So Choose Wisely

“‘I get to’ is the most powerful reframing tool I think that’s out there, because of its simplicity.” – Alicia Dunams Alicia Dunams is an executive coach, entrepreneur and author who has coached thousands of leaders and experts from their initial ideas to published books — helping them share their messages, build businesses and connect […]

Being Yourself Makes You A Better Leader With Minter Dial

  Leadership has to be about you. If you want to be a better leader, you need to know who you truly are. If you don’t, you will end up adopting a masquerade that prevents you from establishing authentic connections with your followers. Today’s guest is Minter Dial, an international professional speaker, author, and consultant […]

Navigating The Dark: Embracing Your Edge As A Person Without Access With Hang Black

  People who have no access learn to navigate in the dark. Instead of letting yourself become a victim to your circumstances, you can actually see it as your edge that you can leverage to pave your own path to success. This message speaks to anyone who is deprived of access in any manner because […]

reachAbility With Tova Sherman

  The movement for more inclusion and diversity in the workplace is here to stay, and it is imperative that your organization learn to adapt. Advocating for this is Tova Sherman, the author of Win, Win, Win! and the CEO of reachAbility, an organization that provides supportive and accessible programs dedicated to workplace inclusion for everyone facing barriers. […]

3 Word Rebellion: Your Work In Three Words With Dr. Michelle Mazur

  In essence, the 3 Word Rebellion is a way to craft your message as an entrepreneur for people to know and learn about you and understand what you’re selling in three words. Alicia Dunams’ guest today is Dr. Michelle Mazur, who is an expert around the 3 Word Rebellion. Dr. Michelle founded Communication Rebel […]

Success Through Meaning, Mindset, Mindfulness With Lee Chaix McDonough

  Ever since Lee Chaix McDonough was a little child, she always wanted to write a book. When she was four years old, she wrote her first one she called The Book of Life about everything she had learned in her four years of life. Fast forward 3.5 decades, she finally came up with her first […]

The Sexy Money Lifestyle With Wendy Petties

  After experiencing workplace harassment on top of a bankruptcy, Wendy Petties decided that she did not want to not be in control of her life again. Thus was born Sexy Money, a system that helps women get the best out of life, love and work and inch closer to their dream life. Bringing in #SexyLife […]

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