Writing a “how to” or prescriptive book.

 A “how to” book gives practical advice on a subject, usual using a step-by-step formula. Same as a “prescriptive” book, which outlines a method or formula to solve a problem. When you outline your book, you want to on the following: ✅ Target Audience ✅ Their Pain Point ✅ Your Solution This makes “how to” or prescriptive books great “business cards” to attract not only prospects, but speaking and industry panel opportunities. In today’s […]

What Moves the Needle for Great PR and Publicity?

Which may leave a lot of their clients with a bad taste in their mouth. Which begs the question… What moves the needle for great PR and publicity? Understanding your client’s story (not treating them like a transaction) Ensuring your clients’ win & they will ensure you win – RECIPROCITY Appearing on “evergreen” media, like podcasts, that are searchable and timeles Appearing on shows or podcasts with popular hosts w/ a raving fan base (like […]

Can you use Amazon.com to build your email list?

QUICK HACK… Can you use Amazon.com to build your email list? Yes… Once you write a book, you want to make sure you have the following elements: 1) A special “opt-in” link in the first 10% of the book. (Like on the Copyright page or the page before your Table of Contents) 2) An ebook version of the book. When people are perusing your book on Amazon.com, and they click on the “Look Inside The […]

Why Write a Book?

Why Write a Book? I always ask my clients, “What’s Your Why?” Before you start any project, whether writing a book, starting a podcast, starting a blog etc., you want to go deep into your “Why?” First off, writing a book has many benefits, including: ✅ Establishing credibility ✅ Attracting potential clients ✅ Productizing your expertise Now, let’s determine how YOU can benefit from writing a book… Find out “What’s Your Why” in today’s video. […]

How to Leverage Amazon.com to Build Your Personal Brand

People use Google to Research… People use Amazon to Buy… Amazon is the buyer’s search engine… AND it’s a great tool to build your personal brand by writing and selling a book. On Amazon.com, people search for books that solve their problems. So writing a book focusing on your target audience, their pain point, and how you will solve it will position you to be found via Amazon search. ✅ Amazon is a massive search […]

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