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How to Talk To Your Enemies

101+ Ways to Turn Hostility Into Peace

We live in a time of social and interpersonal conflict unprecedented since the upheavals of the 1960s—and perhaps even since the Civil War. Evolving social roles, astonishing political turmoil, the rise of “cancel culture,” and the necessity of difficult conversations leave people wondering what to say—at the workplace, in social and civic groups, and around the family dinner table.

Discover specific words, phrases, and approaches to start dialogues off on the right foot toward mutual understanding and healing. Dunams covers important topics, such as:

"I Have Get To"

How Using the Right Words Can Radically Transform Your Life, Relationships & Business

Dunams empowers readers and leaders in all ages and stages of their career and life to harness the power of intentional communication for transformational results. By reading this book, which includes 40+ conversation starters for effective communication, you will:
alicia's books
alicia's books

What to Say

(and Do) When You Are Sexually Harassed

This book helps anyone prepare for, respond to and champion their right to harassment-free workplaces. Among the tips provided, this book delivers useable information on the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace, de-escalation of problems/conflicts, and utilizing the power of language and words to combat harassment