Controversy: Sneaky New Tax Form, Burden for Businesses

Tax breaks/write-offs are a major incentive for owning a business. Well, a pesky new tax form (mandated by health care reform) will change the way we plan for tax season – another burden for small business owners. Read on for more info… ++++ In the 1,000+ page health care reform bill, a new tax form burden completely unrelated to health care was snuck in unnoticed by the IRS. The full ramifications of this previously unnoticed […]

“Bail out” for Small Business Owners

For the last 4 months, I’ve worked with Silicon Valley Business Coach and former McKinsey consultant, Victor Cheng. Victor is a “big thinker”, and significant source of knowledge when it comes to creating and sustaining a profitable small business, even during a recession. In order to help “bail out” small business owners, Victor is giving away 1 million copies of his book, The Recession-Proof Business (Get your free book HERE). As a small business owner […]

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