What People are Saying about Bestseller in a Weekend




Bestseller in a Weekend not only gives you a book, but it gives you a new look at your self, your business and your brand. It will change who you perceive yourself to be and help you to cultivate how you want your customers to perceive your business. My book, The Housing Project, has provided increased credibility, visibility and income.

Melissa Steach, HGTV Designer and Bestselling Author







Alicia is bold and powerful. She swept into my life and swept out cobwebs of fear. The frightening thoughts that I couldn’t do this, or that I didn’t know what to say. Countless people have been inspired to write a book because I did, and a number have signed up for Bestseller in a Weekend. I faced my anthills of small doubts and stepped out. Alicia inspired me. To be bigger than I was. She encouraged and persisted. I have discovered that success is about deciding to do and then finding someone like Alicia to ensure it happens.  Writing a book has rewarded me in big and small ways.  People see me as an expert. I feel confident that getting on the speeding train that Alicia conducted altered my life course in dramatic ways that are still being uncovered. I am truly grateful that Alicia helped me birth my voice.

Jennifer Duchene, Bestselling Author, award-winning Interior Designer and Female Empowerment Coach







Attending Bestseller in a Weekend and subsequently publishing my book felt fantastic! I can not begin to describe how terrific it felt to be able to release my book and get in into the hands of business owners and entrepreneurs. Thank you for coaching my book out of me and into the world! I have been able to pursue my love (and talent) of public speaking and teaching, using my book, its contents and its success to explode my business’ success, which includes securing more speaking and teaching bookings, raising my fees significantly, and being considered a thought leader in the sales training and marketing arena.

– Heidi Sloss, Corporate Sales Trainer, Bestselling Author, and Keynote Speaker



As far as book coaches and business women go, you will be hard-pressed to find a more helpful, knowledgeable or likable person than Alicia Dunams. Not only does she know the industry inside and out, but she walks the walk. Before I even started coaching with Alicia she willingly provided tons of invaluable advice. When discussing the business side of becoming a published author, she asked me one question that changed everything for me.

If you were standing in the front of a room and had the undivided attention of 200-300 of your ideal prospects, what would you talk about?
That should be your book.

If you’re serious about getting your message out to the World and making money with it, you have to talk with Alicia. Her help was easily worth ten times what I paid her. Call her now. You can thank me later.

– Kevin Roy, Performance Coach and Bestselling Author




Working with Alicia Dunams has been an absolute pleasure. She is the fire under my butt. She holds me accountable, pushes my productivity, and convinces me of my worth. These are no small tasks! She has brought my business to a greater level of currency, professionalism, credibility, and preparedness for all good things to come. I highly recommend her services.

– Dr. Reggie Melrose, Keynote Speaker, Professor, Clinical Psychologist, and Bestselling Author






Writing a book has increased credibility for us and our message – doors are opening to increased publicity and our message hits a strong note with the new generation, non-profits and new economy businesses. Alicia stays on top of the ever-changing rules of engagement necessary to not only publish a book, but what is necessary today to get the word out there. She is committed to her client’s success.

– Michael Houlihan, Founder of Barefoot Wine







Because of my book, I was signed to the Dr. Phil show as an expert on the topic. In addition, my book set my services apart from all my competitors, has allowed me to become an expert in my field, and helped me obtain numerous publicity opportunities, including becoming a sought-after TV guest and expert.

– Brandon Wade, MIT grad, Internet Entrepreneur, Online Dating Expert and Bestselling Author







I would never have thought I could get a book published in such a short time. Bestseller in a Weekend made that possible and I am forever grateful. Alicia’s mentoring has moved my vision toward reality so quickly. In addition, I have met the most amazing people since my book came out.

– Mara Williams, Lyme Disease Advocate and Bestselling Author








Alicia, I remain deeply appreciative of all you have done for me and others who have attended Bestseller in a Weekend and your extended programs. You’ve helped take our businesses to the next level of success, and I remain in awe of your kindness and sincerity as you do what I have yet to see others at the same stage of success you are at ever do for those “behind” them (so to speak).

You are indeed a very unique individual, who truly was not lying when you said you are taking your people with you to the top, and THEN OVER THE TOP to even greater success.
For those of us willing and ready to do the work will be rewarded accordingly. With sincere and deep appreciation, I give you much praise and a heartfelt “thank you.”

– Ana Maria Sanchez, Spiritual Teacher and Healer, Speaker, and Bestselling Author




Huge Praise and Alert to all: I just finished Alicia’s Bestseller in a Weekend writing workshop,. No one is a bigger skeptic than me, no one hates fluff and bs more than me – and I have to say I was AMAZED at how straightforward, insanely productive and SMART this program is!!!!!!!!! If you or anyone has a book in them – get them to this course. It’s STUPID not to go. I walked out with a 108 page book draft that was virtually effortless because of the system she has set up – “The Happy Visionary: 9 Practices That Turn Leaders Into Visionaries And Impact into Revolutions!” And I walked in with nothing but a cool idea. Do it. Do it. Do it.

– Adam Gilad






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