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The Secrets of Female Sexuality: He made me blush… now I\’m in his book

I met \’Renegade Sex Expert\’ and Detroit Examiner Sex Advice columnist, David Shade at my Extreme Revenue Growth Mastermind Group in Mountain View, CA about 6 months ago. Now, I did notice David closely observing me from the corner of his eyes while I presented my 3-month revenue strategy, but didn\’t think much of it until he said this to me:
\”I bet you had a close relationship with your father.\”
Well, I knew it was a compliment from the way he said it, but I didn’t really understand what David meant until I got to know him better. David’s theory – and it’s backed up by most mental health professionals – is that women who had loving healthy relationships with their fathers make for more responsive lovers and more successful marriages because they genuinely like men.
The more I learned about David and his theories, the more I came to respect both, so when he asked me to write a guest chapter for the second edition of “The Secrets of Female Sexuality,” I agreed unequivocally. After all, any man whose life is dedicated to making men into better lovers is definitely my kind-a guy!
So here we are today – the Amazon Book Release of David Shade\’s Secrets of Female Sexuality.
Now, this morning, I scanned my featured chapter to find any G-rated content about what women want from their lover/partner/husband/boyfriend. Here\’s the excerpt:
…in my opinion, every woman, whether urban sophisticates on Sex and the City or small-town girls in Podunk, Missouri, knows deep down inside what she wants from a man in bed. Not everyone is able to verbalize it, but instinctively we know what we want when we see it – if not sooner.

Not very long, huh? I found one G-rated paragraph out of 6 pages! Well to get the whole enchilada (a.k.a the juicy secrets I can\’t mention here) you\’ll have to buy the book.
And, as an extra bonus, if you buy the book today, October 7th 2009, you get $300 worth of additional gift.
As always, to your success!
xo Alicia D.
P.S. I tagged FB friends and other dating/relationship/sex experts I respect who I thought would find the information in the book valuable… Enjoy!
P.S.S. Remember, if you buy the book today, October 7th 2009, you get $300 worth of additional bonuses. This offer is only valid today, so act now by going here.

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