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Listen to what business owners are saying about Alicia Dunams…

Sherry Berman and Julie Gleeson, of the Career Wisdom Institute, share their experience attending Bestseller In A Weekend.

Peta Kelly on Alicia Dunams’ VIP day

Alicia’s incredible expertise, energy and sense-of-urgency is tough to beat! She just inspires you to make your goals and vision happen. Her amazonbestseller Campaign and self-publisher coaching program are best-in-class! She will exceed your expectations! I would recommend her coaching to anyone who is committed to success and wants to learn the ins and outs for the world of publishing, social media, promoting, marketing and Amazon!

Leanne Grechulk, Author of 30 Days to Wealth and Founder of HealthyGirl.ca

When I first started working with Alicia Dunams, I didn’t have a Book (although I had a lot of great ideas) — and, frankly, I hadn’t given any consideration as to how I would market one if I did.

However, since I started to work with Alica as my Coach, I have completed my first book (she had me partner with a ghost writer: God knows I needed one) and am working on my second book, designed book covers for both books, and I am in the process of releasing the first book.

Her methods and network of professional have drastically increased my efficiency. For example, she has overcome my tendency to procrastinate by identifying affordable, highly skilled professionals: such as a ghost writer and a book cover designer. While those may sound like simple things, those steps helped me get a quick turnaround time on much higher quality products than I could ever have produced.

Alica’s expertise on the book producing process — from A to Z — really helped me go from having a good idea to executing a great plan.

On a personal note, she was easy to work with, set high but realistic goals and held me accountable, was exceedingly generous with her time, and stretched and sharpened my vision. Our work together has also helped me transform some missed opportunities into passive streams of income.

I highly recommend Alicia Dunams if you truly want to turn your ideas into a book; and your book into a business.

-Dr. Shane Perrault
Author of The Uncivil War and the eBook Focus

“Alicia has made my dream of editing and publishing a revised version of my father’s 1970s best-selling cookbook a reality. The book has been out of print, but people kept asking were they could get a copy. Alicia not only helped me republish, but she has partnered with celebrity chefs to contribute additional modern recipes to make the book updated and expanded. Alicia is really a go-getter and has made this job seemless. I highly recommend her for her action, business smarts, go-getter attitude, and large network of industry experts….”

-Pete Carcione
Author of
The New Green Grocer Cookbook

“Alicia Dunams helped me write a Amazon.com bestselling book. Within months of its release, I was featured on Fox News and was booked as a featured speaker for the NAACP national event. Writing a book has increased my platform as a international speaker and figure. If you want to increase your platform and market your business, I highly recommend writing a book with Alicia. She has been such a pivotal figure in my success.”

-Shelene Atanacio
Author of
Act From the Inside Out: Powerful Acting Tools to Transform your Real Life

“If you want to become an Amazon.com bestseller, I can highly recommend Alicia Dunams. She helped me write the second edition of my book as well as become an Amazon.com best-selling author! Thank you, Alicia.”

[VIDEO]– David Shade, author of The Secrets of Female Sexuality

“Working with Alicia Dunams has been an absolute pleasure. She is the fire under my butt. She holds me accountable, pushes my productivity, and convinces me of my worth. These are no small tasks! She has brought my business to a greater level of currency, professionalism, credibility, and preparedness for all good things to come. I highly recommend her services.”

– Dr. Regalena Melrose
Author of
You Can Heal Your Child, Hope and Healing, and Why Students Underachieve

“Alicia Dunams is the most fantastic book coach – she challenged me to write and publish a book that I had been sitting on for years, and helped me become a #1 Amazon.com bestseller. I recommend anyone who wants to write a book to work with Alicia, as her vision, advice, and know-how will save you thousands of dollars and countless hours.”

-Britt Michaelian
Author of
Secrets of the Safety Goddess

“Alicia Dunams helped me become a published author and, due to this, my business website traffic 10-fold! We have been featured on 20/20, CNN, Good Morning America, and the cover of the New York Times. Authoring a book was a game-changer in my business.”

-Brandon Wade

“As far as book coaches and business women go, you will be hard-pressed to find a more helpful, knowledgeable or likable person than Alicia Dunams. Not only does she know the industry inside and out, but she walks the walk. Before I even started coaching with Alicia she willingly provided tons of invaluable advice. When discussing the business side of becoming a published author, she asked me one question that changed everything for me:

‘If you were standing in the front of a room and had the undivided
attention of 200-300 of your ideal prospects, what would you talk about?
That should be your book.’

If you’re serious about getting your message out to the World and making money with it, you have to talk with Alicia. Her help was easily worth ten times what I paid her. Call her now. You can thank me later.”

– Kevin M. Roy


Co-Authors, SKIRTworking: How to Network Using SKIRT

“Hi Alicia, I was recommended to you by a good friend of mine. I was a bit skeptical about taking your 17 day course, as you seemed to focus more on ‘self help’, ‘business’, and ‘how to’ books, and I’m a screenwriter/novel writer, but I went ahead and invested anyway. To this day, I do not regret a single dollar. I followed your course intently, and it made me realize that everyone has something to offer to the general public, and if you are willing to write about and market it, it will sell.  I plan on writing a self help book with your help in the near future. But regardless, the wealth and knowledge you have about self publishing has greatly helped guide me towards the right path to self publish my two novels. I know once I self publish my two novels, it will be solely because of the knowledge and advice you provided to me. I would strongly recommend you and your program to anyone who wants to write a book and self-publish. Thank you!”

Emmanuel John Lloyd Valdron




Michele Ruiz-- Entrepreneur and former Los Angeles news anchor

Joel Nelson-- Amazon Bestselling Author

Jennifer Churchill-- Psychologist and Executive Coach

Peta Kelly-- of petakelly.com




Rhonda Liebig-- of rhondaliebig.com and author of 'The FITT Solution'.

Nicole DeAvilla-- Bestselling author of 'The 2 Minute Yoga Solution'.

Jennifer Chevalier and Yolanda Mangrumicole-- Co-founders of Virtual Training Innovation.










Writing a book has increased credibility for us and our message – doors are opening to increased publicity and now our message hits a strong note with the new generation, non-profits and new economy businesses. Alicia stays on top of the ever-changing rules of engagement necessary to not only publish a book, but what is necessary today to get the word out there. She is committed to her clients’ success.

Michael Houlihan Former CEO of Barefoot Wine September 25, 2017

I am ever grateful to Alicia Dunams, (founder of Bestseller in a Weekend and The Book Funnel) my business coach and motivator who encouraged me to be courageous and continually push the boundaries of my comfort zone. I couldn't have asked for a more competent, inspiring, and engaged coach. Her team was there to guide me very step of the way. If you are thinking of writing a book and want coaching from the best, I give Alicia Dunams my highest recommendation.

Dr. Tracy Tomasky Leadership Coach September 25, 2017

Alicia Dunams has a powerhouse team capable of providing tremendous support to authors. Since I began working with her, I have been able to use her team to help me complete two business books. One book instantly became an Amazon.com bestseller, and one that is set to be published by a traditional publisher. Her professional publishing team of editors and website designers makes the book packaging process seamless. I would recommend Alicia and her team to anyone who is ready to write a book and become a bestseller.

Bridgette Chambers Entrepreneur, Author, and Speaker September 25, 2017

I have to say I don't believe I would have gotten this book done without Alicia's guidance. It started with her program Bestseller in a Weekend all the way through, The Book Funnel, Amazon book marketing strategies which worked - it became a #1 bestseller on Amazon.com the day it launched. The book has resulted in additional revenue opportunities with new clients and speaking opportunities. I now have other books in the works. Alicia is exceptional! Work with her.

Michael Ruiz author of Content Marketing for Lawyers: How Attorneys Can Use Social Media Strategies to Attract More Clients and Become Thought Leaders September 25, 2017

Writing non-fiction books has been a significant marketing strategy for our business, and has increased our media platform with appearances on 20/20, The New York Times, and CNN, just to name a few. I've written 3 books with Alicia’s support - her strategies work!

Brandon Wade CEO of InfoStreams Group September 25, 2017

Amazon consistently ranks me as one of the top 500 best selling business authors yearround. Alicia’s valuable advice helped me get there and helps me stay there.

Victor Cheng CEO of Fast Forward Media and Executive Coach September 25, 2017

joe burke

I contacted Alicia Dunams after writing a book in 46 hours on the train. During our VIP Day session, Alicia gave me sage advice that led to a two book publishing deal. If you have a story to tell, contact Alicia.

Joe Burke National Award-Winning Marketing Executive

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