“When I first started working with Alicia Dunams, I didn’t have a Book (although I had a lot of great ideas) — and, frankly, I hadn’t given any consideration as to how I would market one if I did.

However, since I started to work with Alica as my Coach, I have completed my first book (she had me partner with a ghost writer: God knows I needed one) and am working on my second book, designed book covers for both books, and I am in the process of releasing the first book.

Her methods and network of professional have drastically increased my efficiency. For example, she has overcome my tendency to procrastinate by identifying affordable, highly skilled professionals: such as a ghost writer and a book cover designer. While those may sound like simple things, those steps helped me get a quick turnaround time on much higher quality products than I could ever have produced.

Alica’s expertise on the book producing process — from A to Z — really helped me go from having a good idea to executing a great plan.

On a personal note, she was easy to work with, set high but realistic goals and held me accountable, was exceedingly generous with her time, and stretched and sharpened my vision. Our work together has also helped me transform some missed opportunities into passive streams of income.

I highly recommend Alicia Dunams if you truly want to turn your ideas into a book; and your book into a business.”

-Dr. Shane Perrault
Author of The Uncivil War

“Alicia has made my dream of editing and publishing a revised version of my father’s 1970s best-selling cookbook a reality. The book has beenout of print, but people kept asking were they could get a copy. Alicia not only helped me republish, but she has partnered with celebrity chefs to contribute additional modern recipes to make the book updated and expanded. Alicia is really a go-getter and has made this job seemless. I highly recommend her for her action, business smarts, go-getter attitude, and large network of industry experts….”

-Pete Carcione
Author of The New Green Grocer Cookbook

“Working with alicia dunams has been an absolute pleasure. she is the fire under my butt. she holds me accountable, pushes my productivity, and convinces me of my worth. These are no small tasks! She has brought my business to a greater level of currency, professionalism, credibility, and preparedness for all good things to come. I highly recommend her services.”

Dr. Regalena Melrose
Author of You Can Heal Your Child

“Alicia Dunams is the most fantastic book coach – she challenged me to write and publish a book that I had been sitting on for years, and helped me become a #1 Amazon.com bestseller. I recommend anyone who wants to write a book to work with Alicia, as her vision, advice, and know-how will save you thousands of dollars and countless hours.”

-Britt Michaelian
Author of Safety Goddess

“It’s been four years since I wrote, published and promoted my last book and honestly if I hadn’t taken Alicia’s 17 Day Book Challenge who knows when I would have gotten it done despite all my good intentions! The challenge is great because it takes what seems like a huge mountain and breaks it into daily molehills that you can conquer on the way to getting your book complete – fast!”

-Sanyika Calloway Boyce
Author of Give Yourself Credit

“Alicia Dunams helped me become a published author and, due to this, my business website traffic 10-fold! We have been featured on 20/20, CNN, Good Morning America, and the cover of the New York Times. Authoring a book was a game-changer in my business.”

-Brandon Wade
Author of Seeking Arrangement, The Definitive Guide to Sugar Daddy and Mututally Beneficial Relationships

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