Hire Alicia to Speak

Boost Your Business with a Bestseller

~ 60 Minute LIVE Presentation ~
with Publishing Expert and Creator of Bestseller in a Weekend
Alicia Dunams

Business Owners, Service Professionals & Entrepreneurs Discover How to Package Your Knowledge for Profits and Prestige!


You’re invited to join successful business owners and experts for an interactive one-hour intensive designed to help you establish credibility, attract more clients, increase your expertise in the marketplace, and make more money by writing a book.

Alicia Dunams, Author, Self-publishing Expert and Creator of Bestseller in a Weekend™, will share with you how writing a book will open new opportunities in your business that will create true profits and scalable revenue models.

During this 60 minute live presentation, you’ll discover:

✔ The top 10 reasons why every business owner should write a book that showcases their expertise

✔ How to create the most marketable and niche subject matter for your book.

✔ How to gear your content and messaging towards your target audience to increase sales conversions.

✔ Plus, the 10 ways every business owners can make more money in your business with the “Bestseller Profit” Revenue Model.

Alicia Dunams helps CEOs, business owners, and service professionals attract clients, establish industry expertise, and build profits by making them bestselling authors. Her clients have appeared on national media outlets such as 20/20, CNN, and on the cover of The New York Times – all because they leveraged their published books. On average, her clients add an additional 5 figures to their bottom line each year because they have added “published author” to their resume. This income is a result of paid keynotes, sold-out seminars, increased web traffic, and higher consulting fees. Besides helping people write books, she helps them become Amazon.com bestsellers by utilizing social networking and Internet marketing techniques, as featured in her eBook, How to Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon.com.

With her signature Bestseller in a Weekend program, Alicia reveals a 5- step process that helps business owners go from idea to author in 2 days or less. www.BestsellerInAWeekend.com


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