Rowena Starling, Winner of Bestseller in a Weekend \’Longest Book\’ Award

\"\"I\’m excited to announce the winner of the Bestseller in a Weekend \’Longest Book\’ Award. Author Rowena Starling won the award, creating a 103 page book over the weekend.
During the workshop, spiritual healer Rowena Starling broke through her fears of \”How do I write a book?\” to successfully create a quality, professional book in two short days (103 pages in 5×8 book layout format).
I was excited with the commitment and progress Rowena made during the April 2012, Bestseller in a Weekend workshop. It was thrilled to watch her push through the challenges all writers face and write a book that provides valuable parenting information with a spiritual twist.
Rowena Starling is mother to a 27yo Son, Spiritual Healer, quadruply licensed Investment Advisor Representative and Founder of Save Your Breath, LLC, a business she created to help parents relieve the stress and aggravation of raising children. She helps parents have a deeper connection to the ease of their loving task. Rowena, who has appeared on the \’Today\’ show, \’The O\’Reilly Factor\’, \’Channel 2 News\’ and various radio programs, maintains a private practice as a spiritual healer through parental guidance counseling and a separate practice as an Investment Advisor Representative.  Her book is scheduled for release in the Fall of 2012.
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Breath, LLC visit:

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