Note: Your application process is not complete until you have completed the online application AND selected a payment option and made your first payment.

All co-author applications must be approved. If for any reason your application is not approved any monies paid will be promptly refunded.

1. Complete the online application here, if you have not already done so.
2. Set up your desired payment plan from the options below.

Upon completing the payment process, you are done with the co-author application.   You will receive an email confirmation for your payment schedule.  If you have not yet completed your application, please do so immediately. Your co-author application is only considered complete with both parts:

The co-author cost of the project is $2,800 and includes 200 copies of the book, plus all of the other benefits of being a co-author as outlined in the co-author information packet.

PLEASE NOTE: The shipping fees for your 200 books are an additional expense, and they are your responsibility. They will vary, depending on the final weight of the book and your shipping location. Therefore, they cannot be estimated in advance. Shipping charges and any additional taxes will be due before books are shipped to you.

Select your preferred payment plan below:

Three payments of $1333.00 $3,999
Four payments of $1000.00 $4,000
Five payments of $800.00 ($50 surcharge for payment plan) $4,050
Six payments of $666.66 ($79 surcharge for payment plan) $4,075

The payment option you select will be set up and automated to occur every 30 days. As you can see, surcharges apply for five and six month payment plan options.

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