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Joint Venture Opportunity

Want an effective way to build your list with target market consumers and give your  business more exposure?

Tanya Chernova and  Joanna Andros (of Courageous Living) are welcoming quality partners in the realm of personal development for the June 14, 2012 book launch of Undermind: Discover the 7 Beliefs that Sabotage You Life and How to Overcome Them.

“This exceptional book will help you break the patterns of failure and self sabotage and achieve the seemingly impossible.”
Millionaire Maker Loral Langemeier – Five-Time NY Times Best Selling Author, Speaker and Coach

“The study of Neuroplasticity has proven that the brain can change. Old negative programming can be replaced with new positive strategies. Tanya and Joanna turn complex theories into simple principles and make healing accessible to everyone.”

Melody Beattie, Author of the International Best Selling books Codependent No More, Language of Letting Go… and 16 others

“Filled with inspiring real life stories, this invaluable user’s guide to your mind will unlock secrets to success in every area of your life. Tanya and Joanna are examples of how this really works, and will lead you through the process.” Ellen Campbell- C.E.O, President and Founder CCAA (Canadian Center for Abuse Awareness)

“As a Clinical Psychologist having personally experienced PRNT therapy, this approach is a powerful therapeutic modality that offers the psychological community a simplistic yet very effective method to help individuals resolve their unconscious dysfunctional core beliefs. I believe the wisdom from these passionate teachers will be the turning point in your life.” Dr. Sharleen McDowall, Psy. D., C. Psych.

“In UnderMind, you will find that the authors, Tanya Chernova and Joanna Andros, not only illustrate the paramount importance in understanding your every little piece of mind chatter, but by using a simple, yet elegant assessment system, together with an innovative intervention plan, they assist you in understanding and realizing you from the inside out.” Master of the Mind, Eldon Taylor Ph.D. New York Times Best Selling Author and founder of InnerTalk®

On June 14, 2012, we will be promoting to 100s of thousands of readers through email, social media, TV and radio and offline efforts.This is a perfect fit for authors, coaches, and marketers in the food, health, lifestyle and wellness industries. This will give you the opportunity to share a valuable resource to your list and give you the opportunity to gain exposure for your business.

If you are interested in participating, we are looking for bonus gifts (eBooks, MP3s, Special Reports) that will give readers the tools to become more physically, spiritually, and emotionally fit in 2011 and beyond!
If  you feel you have something vaulable to offer, enter the following below and I will get back to you with more details:
1) A picture of you or your product . (Note: Please send URL to picture)
2) A short description of your bonus gift. (+ Gift Value)
3) The URL to redeem the bonus gift.

Additionally, for those in the Toronto Area, there will be a fabulous party and book launch event, so sign in below.

– Alicia Dunams




I’m interested in participating in Tanya Chernova’s and Joanna Andros’ Undermind Book Launch!


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