Is your video marketing strategy failing? Here\’s a solution…


Do you feel you have successfully incorporated video into your marketing plan to create the most impact?

My name is Alica Dunams, and many of you know me as a author, publisher, and creator of Bestseller in a Weekend. Although my business has celebrated many leaps in bounds in the last year, I feel that because I have not utilized video on a consistent basis, I have not benefited as much as I could have. Case in point, Kelsey Group study found that 55% of people who view a video visit the company’s website and 24% make a purchase as a result of watching. Who wants some of that?
With this in mind, I created Video Marketing Challenge as a space for business owners educate and grown their businesses… through the power of video.
Will it work for me?
Video Marketing Challenge will be a good fit for you if:

  • You want to incorporate video marketing into your business but don\’t know where to start.
  • You want a fun, collaborative environment in which to share your videos.
  • You want more people to comment and share your videos.
  • You want a consistent framework in order to create video on a weekly basis.
  • You want to make better video and learn tips from other business owners who use video as a marketing tool.

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