How to Publish, Market, and Make \’More Dough\’ With a Cookbook…

Are you are a pro chef, personal chef, nutritionist, or caterer who wants to showcase your great recipes and create some additional income with a cookbook for your customers?

If the answer is YES. Read on.
Are you excited about the idea of having your own cookbook but don’t know the first thing about putting a cookbook together? Have people told you they want copies of your recipes but you don\’t know where to begin? If writing a cookbook is something you have considered, think about this: What could be more exhilarating than the enjoyment of selling your very own cookbook and making money at the same time?
Consider the following questions.\"\"

  • Is writing a cookbook one of your burning heart’s desires?
  • Have your family and friends raved about your cooking and asked, no, begged you for your recipes?
  • Have they mentioned that if you had a cookbook, they would buy it?
  • Do you have an idea for a cookbook, but don’t know how to get it going?
  • Do you want to preserve your family heirloom recipes?
  • Do you own a restaurant, Bed & Breakfast, cafe, or tea house?
  • Have you always thought it would be fun and profitable to have your own cookbook?
  • Are you part of association or a non-profit organization looking for a way to raise money?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you must join me and Laura Denktash, AKA \’The Cookbook Coach\’, on our upcoming LIVE preview call where you\’ll learn:
* How to produce a cookbook from A-Z with seamless effort and ease
* How to use your \’kitchen knowledge\’ to create new income from information and customers you already have
* How to avoid the most costly mistakes people make when they publish and market their first cookbook and what to do instead
* How you can add an extra 1,000-5,000 each month after doing the work only once
* How to leverage your cookbook to book speaking engagements and TV appearances
*  Plus much, much more
Join Alicia and Laura and learn the most essential keys to publishing \"\"
and profiting from your first cookbook (and selling tons of it). Are you ready to finally start making some money with your kitchen know-how? Reserve your space on the call now (before all the slots are taken)…
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