His published book got him on ABC\’s 20/20

Controversy Sells! has released Seeking Arrangement: The Definitive Guide to Sugar Daddy and Mutually Beneficial Relationships. My client, author Brandon Wade, the founder and CEO of SeekingArrangement, says the new book will serve as a guide to anyone curious about or already practicing the \’mutually beneficial\’ lifestyle.
I actually met Brandon Wade when I was a member of For those of you who\’ve read my book Goal Digger: Lessons Learned from the Rich Men I Dated, you already know that I joined \”Sugar Daddy\” websites, namely, as well as matchmaker and millionaire dating services, to meet successful, eligible men. (Full Disclosure: Any man I went on a date with knew I was writing a book.)

Whether or not you agree with the lifestyle, I think there\’s a significant marketing lesson that business owners can extract from this particular case study: a published book will get you on national TV, help you market your message, differentiate you from your competition, and make you more money. The online dating market is flooded with \”Sugar Daddy\” web sites, but my client is getting the lions share of media attention and their website is being inundated with new memberships – all because they are leveraging their published book. (Case in point, their website traffic has 10-fold since publishing their book).
Other marketing lessons from this case study are 1) controversy sells and 2) you can use a book to lend legitimacy to your product and service, and address common sales objections. (Stigma and controversy are perfect examples of sales objections for my client,
So whatever your industry or niche expertise, business owners should easily see that publishing a book is an important marketing tool for the growth of their business and/or brand.

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