[Case Study from the Venture Capital Industry] 3 Signs You Need to Write a Book

(Author Note: I originally wrote this article in 2011, but felt the information is just as relevant today. It’s been lightly polished [revised and edited] for this new publish date.) Last week, I had the pleasure to attend the TEDx Bay Area Women event, which highlighted speakers doing great work in the areas of global and social entrepreneurship. There was, of course, significant discourse on empowering emerging markets like Africa and activating women entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide. A reoccurring […]

Complimentary Strategy Session

If you’re really serious about accelerating your business growth, implementing innovative marketing strategies, writing a book ‘rapid-fire’ fast, or launching a profitable online business with virtual trainings, I’m offering FREE strategy sessions to a selective group of hungry coaches, speakers, business authors and entrepreneurs. Do any of these sound familiar? ▪    I Want to Make More Money, but I Only Have so Many Hours in the Day. ▪    I am SO Confused on How […]

[Video] Life on your terms…

I’m writing from the island of Ibiza – finishing up my 8 weeks tour of Europe. It’s been rewarding teaching marketing courses in Slovenia and Bulgaria, as well as facilitating a Bestseller in a Weekend in Amsterdam. In this week’s Motivation Mentor, I interview my friend JuVan Langford, founder of The Elevated Man Tour, and The Men Tour (for High School and Middle School). In this video, JuVan shares how he created a life on […]

Don’t Use a Ghostwriter: 5 Reasons You Should Write Your Own Book

Transparency. In a world where transparency and openness reigns, the use of a ghostwriter can have negative connotations. This gives rise to the trend of co-authorships or celebrities who acknowledge and give credit to the writer of the book by including their name in the author byline. (The word “ghostwriter” signifies that the actual writer is not disclosed—both the author and the writer agree to keep the fact that a ghostwriter was used a secret.) The […]

(Video) Four Tools to Scale Your Business #MotivationMentor

Today, I’m writing from (close to) Malaga, Spain, so I asked the co-founders of Business Plan in Weekend, Tom Spitale and Mary Abbazia, to create short “Motivation Mentor” video to inspire you about growing your business. Plus, below are three resources specifically created to scale your business, increase revenue, and attract investors. Don’t miss out on these, as some are time sensitive. 1) Read this blog and please share your comments, 5 Crucial Questions a “New-School” Business Plan Will […]

Authors of The Accidental Marketer Launch Business Plan Writing Program, Business Plan in a Weekend

Business Plan in a Weekend™, a live, virtual online business growth program, will provide access to business planning tools and approaches used by big companies to grow – but tailored to small business’ unique need. A survey of 3,000 business owners by Palo Alto Software showed that those with a written plan were about twice as likely to successfully grow their business, get investment, or land a loan than those who didn’t. But a Wells […]

5 Crucial Questions a “New-School” Business Plan Will Answer to MAXIMIZE SALES and INCREASE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE

Business planning as most know it is out-of-date. The practice of prescribing every detail of your plan for success is “old-school.” You must get new products to market fast and be quick to change based on customer feedback. But you can’t stand in front of the sharks – be they customer, investors or employees — with a plan that says “Let’s just throw our product over the wall to customers and see how they respond.” […]

[Video] Motivation Mentor in Europe

In this week’s “Motivation Mentor,” I interview Miha Pogacnik, celebrity keynote speaker, celebrated violinist and visionary, who shares how music can motivate you to move into action through 3 steps: Click here to watch the video on YouTube. Miha plays the violin to inspire people into creative action, and as a way to disrupt rote thinking into: 1) Vision 2) Mobilization 3) Action Question: What supports you in getting your creative juices flowing and mobilized […]

[VIDEO] #MotivationMentor: How to Overcome “What if?”

Welcome, and let’s get motivated for another week. I personally needed my own motivational mojo this last Friday night as my daughter and I were denied boarding for our flight to Italy. (We arrived in England, and found out that her US passport needed a 3-6 month buffer before its expiration date to get to Italy.) OOOOps. We missed the wedding in Italy, and I had an expensive lesson in international passport rules. So, what […]

[Video] How to Ask for What You Want

Ever have trouble asking for what you want? In this week’s Motivation Mentor video, I discuss two golden statements that will support you in getting what you want – in the most pleasant yet persistent way. Click here to watch the video on YouTube. I truly believe “language is life” and  these tools will be able to support you in communicating in an effective and powerful way – important in both your business and personal life. Let me know if these two statements are […]

[Video] #MotivationMentor Mondays with Darren Kavinoky

This weekend I hosted Bestseller in a Weekend LIVE and we had leaders from all over the world… Nigeria, Dubai, India and the US collaborating on their books. Books with topics ranging from human rights all the way to mind-hacking were discussed and written. My friend, Darren Kavinoky discussed TV Publicity for authors, and I asked him to give you 3 tips on how to stay motivated to write your book and complete whatever project […]

The Five Mistakes Fiction Writers Make and How to Avoid Them

As an author and book coach specializing in teaching others to write, I receive this question a lot. “Isn’t it difficult to write a book?” My answer is always this: “Yes, but it doesn’t have to be.” Writing a novel, whether it’s a fantasy involving new worlds or a romance containing scintillating love scenes, can be a challenge. The key to not being overwhelmed when authoring your book is preparation and perseverance. Here are five […]

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