If I can, you can too! [Picture]

In the last two years, I’ve been fortunate enough to donate three water wells to underserved villages in Ghana and Haiti. I could not have done this if my business wasn’t generating the revenue it does today. Simply put, when you create wealth, through your business, investing, and your abundant mindset, you are able to impact the world in a deeper, significant way. That’s what we are going to celebrate and create more of during […]

Gratitude Day – Free Book Giveaway

This Week: Want a paid speaking gig in 2017? (Details inside)

Are you interested in using speaking as a way to build your platform, attract potential clients, and sell more books? If so, I’ve got some good news.  For years, I’ve developed and nurtured relationships with some amazing influencers and decision makers, and a few have asked me to support them in filling various conferences and events in the United States and Canada in 2017. Of course, these conference planners are looking for the best of the best […]

Bestseller in a Weekend® presents Authoring Leadership™

Who else wants their employees to be more productive, take on greater initiatives and be more fulfilled at work… My name is Alicia Dunams, as founder and CEO of Bestseller in a Weekend, I’ve dedicated my career to coaching thought leaders and business experts to get their books out of their heads and into print with thousands of satisfied clients in all areas of the business world.  Using the strategies of writing a bestselling book, I’ve developed […]

Watch this ex-Navy Seal/yogi/author on the Hot Seat

You can learn a lot in just one minute! Here’s a quick snippet with Mark Divine, author of The Way of the Seal and Unbeatable Mind. This ex-Navy Seal talks about how his methods of training through Kokoro Yoga could help heal the world and evolve humanity.

Talking to Crazy on the Hot Seat #GoDeep

I’m super excited to introduce this quick 1 minute interview with my mentor Dr. Mark Goulston, bestselling author of Talking to Crazy.  Another reason I’m excited because I’ve finally firmed up the title of my weekly video show and podcast, #GoDeep (yes, I went back and forth on this one for about a month). Here’s the logo: Watch the 1 minute excerpt as Mark and I “go deep” while discussing submission as a survival tool.  Discussion  questions: […]

[LAST CALL] Bestseller in a Weekend in Los Angeles

This month I host my last LIVE, in-person Bestseller in a Weekend workshop; since 2011 over 2000 plus speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs just like YOU have successfully become Authors through the program! If you’ve been on the fence, procrastinating, or thinking there’s still time to get your book done… There’s no more time to hit the “snooze button” my last and final live workshop will be in Los Angeles October 28-30, and I would love to see you there! Plus I have three special announcements. Not only will you […]

“The Biggest Loser” on the Hot Seat

I’m super pumped to be launching my new interview video show and podcast (podcast launches next week). The premise of the show is intimate interviews with today’s influencers, and I have not quite settled in on an official name, so if you have an idea please add to the comments below.  In this episode I interview, Devin Alexander Healthy Comfort Food Chef, Weight Loss Expert, and New York Times Bestselling Author, is the Chef of NBC’s “The Biggest […]

(PDF Blueprint) The “treasure map” to hidden cash in your business

I’ve never seen anything like this kind of transparency and generosity… This Blueprint is the result of Marisa Murgatroyd’s obsessive multi-year-long search to figure out how to get better results from her info products, trainings and courses. What she found quite literally 10X’d her sales, income & impact, and it can do the same for yours. Bestseller – if you’ve ever wanted a “treasure map” to finding all the hidden pockets of profit in your […]

7 Reasons Business Owners Should Write a Book

Business owners often entertain several marketing ideas and strategies to increase competitive advantage and online exposure. Questions arise like, Should I start a podcast? Write press releases? Host weekly webinars? Or, perhaps write a book? I find many of my clients write and publish a book as a way to build a brand, attract clients and, thereby, increase revenue. Case in point, one of my clients wrote 3 books in The Book Funnel program. He’s a tech guy who owns a […]

[PDF] This private experiment blew my mind

  Earlier this year, my friend Marisa Murgatroyd ran a private experiment to create and sell a “new” kind of info product and got some absolutely CRAZY results which I’ll tell you about in a sec. Her theory was simple: 1. Information Products just seem to do a LOUSY job of helping people 2. The WHOLE PLANET is incredibly “Information Overloaded”, and… 3. What people actually want & need isn’t even Information at all… Her results? Just 108 […]

[DOWNLOAD] 10 Steps to Create “Viral” Products

I wish I had this years ago! It’s a proven, step-by-step checklist that tells you EXACTLY how to create a product, program or course that markets…. ITSELF! Really?   [Yes, it’s possible with this Viral Product Checklist!] If you’re sick of being on a constant marketing “hamster wheel”… … and you want to love your business again, be free to do more of what you love, while creating a better lifestyle for yourself and your family, then… [Grab […]

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