Picking a Book Title That Sells

First impressions count. We judge books superficially. That’s reality. In this age of streaming media, instant downloads, and lightning speed communications, to get someone’s attention, you really have to stand out. You have to pique interest from the start—and then, it’s up to your content, your work, to keep them hooked. You may have penned […]

Meet me in New Orleans

Just a quick shout-out before we start the week. Next month, I’m teaching my Bestseller in a Weekend LIVE in New Orleans. Yes, that’s right,  LIVE in “The Big Easy,” “The Birthplace of Jazz.” Jambalaya, anyone? This is a CALL TO ACTION to all the people who ask, “When are you going to do a LIVE event?” “Alicia, […]

Authors in Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate, we’re offering a special price on our Bestseller in a Weekend for Fiction authors. Click here for our sale price of $297. This sweetheart of a deal won’t last long! We also still have our replay of Bestseller in a Weekend Presents How to Fall in Love with Writing Your Novel with Beth […]

Bestseller in a Weekend Celebrates 3rd Year Anniversary, Partners with Pencils of Promise

Bestseller in a Weekend celebrates its 3rd Year Anniversary this January 2014. Three years ago, Bestseller in a Weekend started at a Holiday Inn in South San Francisco when two dozen business owners gathered with Alicia Dunams all with one collective goal: to write a book. To celebrate the anniversary, Alicia Dunams is partnering with PoP […]

My Interview with The Foundation’s Podcast: Starting From Nothing

A lot of you know I started my business to spend more time with my daughter, but you probably haven’t heard the full story of exactly how I made it work. Here’s an interview I did on the “Starting from Nothing” podcast where I go over the steps I took to build my business. http://thefoundation.com/podcast/episode36/

Online Edge Academy Co-Founder Melanie Duncan on New ALL IN Podcast Series

From customized Greek clothing lines to online business coaching, Melanie Duncan is ALL IN. When she was in college, Melanie Duncan was no stranger to all-nighters. Most nights, the clock would chime 4 AM before she finally turned out her light. But Duncan wasn’t cramming for a midterm or sweating the references section of a […]

Bestselling Author Alicia Dunams debuts “ALL IN: Elevating Your Leadership Game” Podcast Series

Alicia Dunams, bestselling author and founder of Bestseller in a Weekend, debuted her new podcast series on 12/18/2013. ALL IN: Elevating Your Leadership Game features interviews with leaders in business and global affairs to discuss what it takes to elevate your leadership game in today’s modern world. Continue reading here.

Complimentary Strategy Sessions until January 10, 2014

I’m just back from Vegas, where I spoke at a business mega-conference and treated my team and some VIP clients to a holiday boondoggle. (yes, that’s how we roll.) And, guess what? I got more holiday cheer to share, so I decided to offer 17 FREE strategy sessions in the next couple weeks to get […]

Thanksgiving Book Giveaway – 2013

Welcome to my annual “Thanksgiving Book Giveaway.”  I’m giving away over a  dozen soft and hard cover books that I’ve received over the last year – some are even autographed! Take this opportunity to get a new or slightly used book just in time for the holiday season. I pay for shipping and handling anywhere […]

How Did It Feel When You Became A Bestseller?

    It was so exciting and unbelievable to achieve bestseller status as soon as the book was introduced to the world. It was a dream come true.” – Dr. Beth “I felt I had accomplished something significant.” – Brandon Wade “I had worked hard to make my book launch a success and to see […]

Five Things You Need to Do to Become a Professional Speaker

Whether you’re a novice or you’ve dabbed a bit in the speaking arena, you, too, can become an in-demand professional speaker. There are several things you should do to create the interest and the engagements that will lead to a successful speaking career.

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