[PDF] This private experiment blew my mind

  Earlier this year, my friend Marisa Murgatroyd ran a private experiment to create and sell a “new” kind of info product and got some absolutely CRAZY results which I’ll tell you about in a sec. Her theory was simple: 1. Information Products just seem to do a LOUSY job of helping people 2. The WHOLE PLANET is incredibly “Information Overloaded”, and… 3. What people actually want & need isn’t even Information at all… Her results? Just 108 […]

[DOWNLOAD] 10 Steps to Create “Viral” Products

I wish I had this years ago! It’s a proven, step-by-step checklist that tells you EXACTLY how to create a product, program or course that markets…. ITSELF! Really?   [Yes, it’s possible with this Viral Product Checklist!] If you’re sick of being on a constant marketing “hamster wheel”… … and you want to love your business again, be free to do more of what you love, while creating a better lifestyle for yourself and your family, then… [Grab […]

Complimentary Strategy Session

If you’re really serious about accelerating your business growth, implementing innovative marketing strategies, writing a book ‘rapid-fire’ fast, or launching a profitable online business with virtual trainings, I’m offering FREE strategy sessions to a selective group of hungry coaches, speakers, business authors and entrepreneurs. Do any of these sound familiar? ▪    I Want to Make More Money, but I Only Have so Many Hours in the Day. ▪    I am SO Confused on How […]

Authors of The Accidental Marketer Launch Business Plan Writing Program, Business Plan in a Weekend

Business Plan in a Weekend™, a live, virtual online business growth program, will provide access to business planning tools and approaches used by big companies to grow – but tailored to small business’ unique need. A survey of 3,000 business owners by Palo Alto Software showed that those with a written plan were about twice as likely to successfully grow their business, get investment, or land a loan than those who didn’t. But a Wells […]

5 Crucial Questions a “New-School” Business Plan Will Answer to MAXIMIZE SALES and INCREASE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE

Business planning as most know it is out-of-date. The practice of prescribing every detail of your plan for success is “old-school.” You must get new products to market fast and be quick to change based on customer feedback. But you can’t stand in front of the sharks – be they customer, investors or employees — with a plan that says “Let’s just throw our product over the wall to customers and see how they respond.” […]

7 Easy Steps to Successfully Increase Prices and Keep Your Customers Happy.

Watch the webinar replay of “7 Easy Steps to Successfully Increase Prices … And Keep Your Customers Happy” as Alicia Dunams and Per Sjofors talk about how you can successfully increase the price of your product or service and “why” it is important to do so if you want to grow your business.

Visual Marketing for Business: Instagram, Facebook, and Infographics

Pulling together her top clients and experts, Alicia Dunams hosts live Google+ Hangouts covering relevant business topics. On July 31, she gathered Jenna Phillips, Vickie Sucliano, Julia Price, Lisa Rothstein, and Maiyah Olivas for her most attended and popular hangout to date. They discussed visual secrets for business Instagram and Facebook posts and infographics because these guests have published books, worked in marketing, and started their own campaigns to get their message out there. “I […]

Felicia Slattery: ALL IN with Communicating Leadership

Alicia gets real with Felicia Slattery, talking about the power of connection in business. Learn more about the right way to be remembered at networking events and the personal power of thinking big in this fun and informative podcast. Felicia Slattery is on a mission to help business owners and entrepreneurs create meaningful connections through effective communication. She’s a best-selling author, in-demand speaker and the creator of the Signature Speech System. She works with experts, […]

Picking a Book Title That Sells

First impressions count. We judge books superficially. That’s reality. In this age of streaming media, instant downloads, and lightning speed communications, to get someone’s attention, you really have to stand out. You have to pique interest from the start—and then, it’s up to your content, your work, to keep them hooked. You may have penned the best business strategy book, the most effective diet tips, or the most inspirational memoir. But without the right title, […]

[Live Event] How to Publish and Profit in 2014

Join me this Saturday at 11 am PST / 2pm EST for “How to Publish and Profit in 2014.” During this live webinar, we’ll talk about how writing a book and creating an online training business can increase your revenue and your freedom. Plus, I’ll give you specific formulas on how to profit in 2014. What is Publish 2 Profit?   It’s a special package of my most popular offerings, plus crazy good extras. For one low price, you’ll get: Bestseller in a […]

Thulani DeMarsey: ALL IN with Holistic Success

Are you stressed and scared? Do you find yourself caught in addictive behaviors? Go ALL IN with Alicia and Thulani DeMarsey and learn more about how your mindset can change your business. Thulani DeMarsay is an established life coach specializing in stress management, workplace wellness, organizational effectiveness, and addiction recovery. At the heart of Thulani’s philosophy is a belief that our ability to be productive and fully engaged in life is a result of our emotional, physical, and […]

Bestseller in a Weekend Breakout Stars

  Rhonda Liebig Website: www.rhondaliebig.com Book Title: The FITT Solution – 4 Steps to a Sexy, Successful, Authentic You Status of book: Published Short Bio: Rhonda is a leader in coaching women who are battling their weight, low energy & 3PM slump so that they feel and look 10 years younger by using her Signature FITT approach, Focus, Integrate, Transform, Thrive! With over 15 years of experience in the health industry Rhonda is a transformational […]

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