17 Day Book Challenger’s Book Featured on Today Show

Earlier this summer, Sanyika Calloway Boyce, a.k.a. Financial Fitness Coach, completed the 17 Day Book Challenge, and her new book, Give Yourself Credit,  has already been featured on the Today Show. Although her book is not officially out, Sanyika is giving her book the essential pre-launch publicty and buzz it deserves. Congratulations Sanyika! Here is what Sanyika says about the 17 Day Book Challenge: “It’s been four years since I wrote, published and promoted my […]

What Does a Ghostwriter Charge?

Since many business owners are too busy to write their own book, they want to explore the opportunity of working with a professional ghost writer. As a business book writing coach and project manager, it’s part of my job to interview ghost writers and find the best writer for the job. But before I even move to that stage, one of the first questions my client asks is, What does a ghostwriter charge? Unfortunately, there’s […]

Important, life-changing secrets for Authors, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs – Market Your Message, Build your “Celebrity” Brand, and Make More Money — Fast!

8/4/2009 Dear Fellow Entrepreneurs, Oprah, Tiger Woods, Suze Orman, Tim Ferris, David Bach, Kathy Ireland and other celebrities have capitalized on their brand to build multi-million (even billion dollar) businesses and platforms, based on product creation, corporate sponsorships, licensing, television and live events. I want to encourage you to take just 2 minutes to read how you can achieve similar status in your own business or with your own product. I contacted my good friend, […]

17 Ways to Make More Money and Boost Your Business With a Published Book!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: You don’t publish a book in order to make money. Unless your name is Steven King or Danielle Steele, do not look to book sales as your get-rich-quick scheme. That said, publishing a book is a great way to make money. If that sounds like a contradiction, read on. Your book is a tool for creating multiple streams of revenue. It’s a calling card, […]

The 5 pros to hiring a ghostwriter for your business book…

Many busy business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to write a book usually have the following complaint: I don’t have enough time to write a book. This is when I say, Have someone write it for you! Most savvy business owners outsource their accounting, administrative and IT work – so why not outsource book writing! So, to make you feel at ease, I thought I would list some of the pros of hiring a […]

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Introverts can become published business celebrities, too

Whether you’re a chef, a doctor, wilderness explorer, technician, home decorator or psychiatrist, a well-written and vigorously promoted book will turn you into a business celebrity and a cultural influence – which translates into higher income. Some well-known published business celebrities are • Suze Orman, financial adviser • Dean Ornish, health expert • Susie Bright, aka Susie Sexpert • Depak Chopra, health expert • Emeril, international chef • Jamie Oliver, international chef. You’ve probably seen […]

“Bail out” for Small Business Owners

For the last 4 months, I’ve worked with Silicon Valley Business Coach and former McKinsey consultant, Victor Cheng. Victor is a “big thinker”, and significant source of knowledge when it comes to creating and sustaining a profitable small business, even during a recession. In order to help “bail out” small business owners, Victor is giving away 1 million copies of his book, The Recession-Proof Business (Get your free book HERE). As a small business owner […]

Smooth sailing…

On Twitter, the other day, I re-tweeted a memorable quote: “Smooth waters do not a skillful sailor make.” This quote, an African proverb, has hung with me ever since. This quote reminds me of the time, in my early 20s, when I lived on a sail boat in the South Pacific. I was new to sailing – never have done it before -and one evening I was put in charge to “man” the boat during […]

17 days makes a difference…

One day you are talking about the book you are GOING to write… 17 days later you are promoting the book you have written. This is not hogwash, these are real people creating real action. If you want to have success similar to Sanyika*, or others in the 17-Day Book Challenge, raise your hand and get on board. * Just like dieting, individual results vary. 17-Day book Challenge is not for the faint of heart.

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