How to Write a Legal Disclaimer For Your Book

how do you, as an author, craft a legal disclaimer that will protect you and your book? It really isn’t that difficult.

How to Find a Reviewer for Your Self-Published Book

Self-published books usually don’t attract reviews by USA Today or The New York Times. Tons of unanswered queries acknowledge that fact. However, there are ways to get book reviews, especially if you’re creative.

Controversy: Sneaky New Tax Form, Burden for Businesses

Tax breaks/write-offs are a major incentive for owning a business. Well, a pesky new tax form (mandated by health care reform) will change the way we plan for tax season – another burden for small business owners. Read on for more info… ++++ In the 1,000+ page health care reform bill, a new tax form burden completely unrelated to health care was snuck in unnoticed by the IRS. The full ramifications of this previously unnoticed […]

Larry King – Talk Legend or Obsolete Dinosaur?

My business coach, Victor Cheng, wrote the following summation regarding talk show host Larry King’s retirement. Victor’s wrap-up shows that your relevance level is determined by your customer base. Period. Find out more about Victor at the end of this post. —————– Larry King is “retiring” – which is code for he has been forced to retire. The legend of talk television has suffered several years of bad ratings and the powers that be have […]

How to Finish (or Repurpose) Your Unfinished Book(s)

How many books are in your computer, or in your head, for that matter? You either haven’t started them or can’t finish them. You got writer’s block, so you stepped away from it. Maybe you can’t find the time to finish it or you’re better at starting things than finishing them. Regardless of the cause, you know that you’ve deserted your book(s), leaving your pearls of wisdom undeveloped, and alas, also unread. The good news […]

How to Choose a Book Writing Coach

Book writing coaches have helped many authors succeed in writing their book, as well as providing them with priceless assistance and information on how to attract publicity, receive maximum exposure, build a brand, and develop a following. Authors turn to coaches for assistance because while they might be good at what they do, they know they don’t have the experience, knowledge, network or tools required to break through the publishing industry and receive their intended […]

How to Choose an Effective Title for Your Non-Fiction Book

Authors fret about the words they pen between the covers of their book, wanting to make sure they are attract and hold the reader’s attention from beginning to end. That’s important, but many authors don’t know that most important words an author can pen are in the book title. Without a compelling, informative title, you won’t attract readers and nobody will know what a great book you’ve written. How do you choose a book title […]

How to Turn a PowerPoint into an Income-Producing Product

It’s no secret that Internet marketing has taken the world by storm. Getting traffic to your website and product has never been more vital than it is in today’s competitive market. Online videos are the latest rage in interactive marketing, and everyone who wants a share of the benefits they offer needs one that will steer traffic to their website. Online videos are a mass marketing sensation, and it’s never been easier to create a […]

Write A Book. Appear on National Television. It really is THAT simple.

Do you want to be considered an expert? Do you want to appear on national TV? Well do what Shelene Atanacio did. Write a book. My client Shelene launched her book in March and appeared on National Fox News in June! See. Writing a book can CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Watch the latest business video at

My Visit to Carione Fresh Produce For the NEW edition of The Greengrocer Cookbook

Here’s an update on a project I’m very proud to be a part of. Most of you will remember television personality, columnist and local legend Joe Carcione .  His cookbook, The Greengrocer, a guide to the selection of fresh fuits and vegetables, was a huge hit in the 1970s.   Now out of print, the book is still in high demand.  I’m proud to be working with Joe’s son, Pete Carcione, and several contributors, to create […]

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