Habits For Staying Healthy With Dr. Mark Chavez

  Staying healthy in a world where one is surrounded by all sorts of junk can be a daunting task at times, but it’s not an impossible task. With a bit of self-regulation, willpower and discipline, staying healthy won’t be such a huge issue, especially as you get older and your body begins to change. Alicia Dunams is joined by the author of The 5 Habits of Healthy People, Dr. Mark Chavez. Dr. Chavez dives […]

Tools For Togetherness With Mike Robbins

  How can togetherness be encouraged during this pandemic? Alicia Dunams interviews leadership expert Mike Robbins on the show to take a closer look at this concept and share some strategies that promote connections. Having partnered with some of the top organizations in the world, Mike shows us how to lead with authenticity, trust, belongingness, and appreciation. Today, he shares some vital content from one of his books, We’re All In This Together: Creating a […]

Increase Your Business Revenue Through Storytelling With John Livesay

  How can storytelling help improve your business revenue? Alicia Dunam’s guest, John Livesay, has the answer. John is a keynote speaker, pitch whisperer, and storytelling expert. The author of Better Selling Through Storytelling, John shares some concepts from his book including his inspiring story from being laid off from work to becoming salesperson of the year. He shares the four elements that he believes make up a really good story as well as how he’s […]

2 Word Purpose Statement

What are your thoughts as you witness these current times? Are you facing thoughts of our own mortality? Are you feeling called to serve? Perhaps, discover your life’s true purpose? If you are feeling uprooted in these uncertain times, one of the best ways to feel grounded (besides meditation) is to determine your purpose. So, I have an exercise for you. It’s called the 2 word purpose statement. If you have a spare 5 minutes, […]

Starting A Cult Of Improvement And Success With Braxton Amundson

  It’s only common for people to associate cults with a stigma considering its history of brainwash violence. However, Braxton Amundson, realized how a cult could be used for success in the modern age. Braxton is the author of Let’s Start A Cult: The Power of Radical Belief. He gives his insight on how cults apply to the current society and why it’s currently a good thing. Having experienced grief, Braxton shares the lessons he […]

The Book Title Formula

Do Book Titles follow a formula? ABSOLUTELY! I teach that the title of the book is the NOUN and the subtitle is a VERB. The subtitle of the book will convey to the reader what transformation will occur by reading the book. People want to read your book: ✅To transform and grow. ✅ To be entertained. ✅ To learn. And you will peak the reader’s interest with your book title and subtitle. Watch today’s video […]

The Clear Story Format

How are you contributing to a “Global Conversation”? Thought leaders contribute to global conversations (social challenges, human capital, injustice, leadership, politics, performance, healthcare, and wellness, etc.) Thought leaders write books to tell stories, share solutions, contribute critiques, and introduce new ways of thinking and being. When you begin to write a book, I invite you to think about how you will: ✅Bust Myths ✅Disrupt the Status Quo ✅Contribute to a Global Conversation The Clear Story […]

Writing a “how to” or prescriptive book.

 A “how to” book gives practical advice on a subject, usual using a step-by-step formula. Same as a “prescriptive” book, which outlines a method or formula to solve a problem. When you outline your book, you want to on the following: ✅ Target Audience ✅ Their Pain Point ✅ Your Solution This makes “how to” or prescriptive books great “business cards” to attract not only prospects, but speaking and industry panel opportunities. In today’s […]

What Moves the Needle for Great PR and Publicity?

Which may leave a lot of their clients with a bad taste in their mouth. Which begs the question… What moves the needle for great PR and publicity? Understanding your client’s story (not treating them like a transaction) Ensuring your clients’ win & they will ensure you win – RECIPROCITY Appearing on “evergreen” media, like podcasts, that are searchable and timeles Appearing on shows or podcasts with popular hosts w/ a raving fan base (like […]

Surviving Category Five Situations With Resilience And Support With Christine Perakis

  Building resilience in life isn’t as easy as it sounds, but with the right support, it might actually be simpler than you think. The Resilient Leader, Christine Perakis’ second book is about strategies you can use to navigate life and business. Christine joins Alicia Dunams to share a life changing event in Christine’s life that served as an inspiration for the book. They discuss how something as simple as a pen and paper can […]

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