When “Your Story” Shames Others

Writing a book is not just about sharing 7 Habits, 10 Principles, or tips on How to … Although these types of books are great for business, many of my clients choose to write books that bear their soul, share their personal story, and, oftentimes, include intimate details and events from their life. Indeed, sharing your story through writing a book can be a powerful and transformational process… But what if your story is not […]

How dare you?

Does anger have a place in leadership? Yesterday, 16 year old climate and environmental activist Greta Thunberg delivered a moving speech to the UN Climate Action summit in New York. Her emotion ranged from lamentation to frustration, anger and deep indignation. It was palpable and forceful. Exactly what the world needed to hear. Read the entire speech here. You may think anger has no place in leadership, but when we look at some of the […]

How to Stay Strong When They Deny Your Truth

Ok, here we go again. Another high profile, high powered person-in this case the President of the United States-is confronted with the truth of his alleged sexual assault as detailed in the New Yorker magazine recently. E. Jean Carroll is the 22nd woman accusing the President of sexual misconduct. (Just wanted to remind you as the 24/7 news cycle can be overwhelming to keep up with.) And just as expected, like all accused harassers, the […]

Point a finger? Or point the way.

Yesterday I was in New York City conducting a full-day training on “How to Master Your Thinking… for Peak Performance and Powerful Partnerships.” Actually, that’s not the name of the training. It’s real name is “Unconscious Bias.” And after doing a slew of these trainings over the last few years, my experience is no one is overly enthused about attending. In fact, companies/organizations/institutions usually institute these trainings after there has been a problem, perhaps a “caught on […]

Up in smoke.

  As many of you know, I’m traveling this summer. I’m currently in Greece where 37% of the population smokes cigarettes. Coming from California, and a town where you can’t even smoke outside, this was quite a change. During a taxi ride, the driver asked if I minded if he smoked (with his cigarette freshly lit). I said, “Ah yeah…” and before I even finished my sentence he said, “No worries, I’ll just stick it […]

Inspired thought to committed action.

We are all hit with inspired thought every once in a while. Perhaps it hits you like a lightning strike in your morning shower…and VOILA, you suddenly have a genius book idea, business concept, or a burning desire for change, or to change. With that, here’s a name you should know: Bryan Stevenson (Google his TED Talk or watch the documentary called True Justice). Why? He is a compassionate leader and NY Times bestselling author […]

Pickpocketing and Unconscious Bias

For the summer I’m living in Athens, Greece. I’m here accompanying my daughter who has a modeling contract. Fortunately my business is 99% online so I’m able to work while I enjoy some sightseeing and the odd island hop. (Mykonos is on our list.) As we got settled in, we were warned several times by our contacts and the tourist office about pickpockets, specifically to look out for “immigrants.” Instantly, my “critter” brain was put […]

Leadership according to Beyoncé (+ others)

I don’t normally watch TV, but when I do I’m fired up when I see leadership at its finest. First with Beyoncé’s documentary Homecoming on Netflix, highlighting her commitment to excellence and recognizing her great responsibility as the first black woman to headline Coachella. This documentary, interwoven with black historical context, was extra special because my daughter and I were at Coachella to see Beyoncé make history. Leadership lessons: You can’t be what you can’t […]

Reinvention vs. Pivot

  Whether during a mid-life crisis, or another personal transition, one may choose to reflect on their life and create a significant change – perhaps changing their career, hairstyle, or lifestyle (like your meat-eating friend who suddenly turned vegan.) This can be seen as a reinvention. Madonna could be seen as the “grandmother of reinvention” because every few years she changed her “look” and artistic expression from “Papa Don’t Preach” to “Vogue”, from singer to […]

Avoid the Word “But”

We live in a world of instantaneous communication. This has an upside: As a global population we are informed of breaking news and important, need-to-know information at rapid speed. This, of course, also has a downside: We (and media entities) can broadcast our thoughts, feelings and fears lickety-split to hundreds, thousands and even millions of people… with no filter or forethought. That’s a heck of a lot of responsibility. And can cause a heck of […]

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