Why Write a Book?

Why Write a Book? I always ask my clients, “What’s Your Why?” Before you start any project, whether writing a book, starting a podcast, starting a blog etc., you want to go deep into your “Why?” First off, writing a book has many benefits, including: ✅ Establishing credibility ✅ Attracting potential clients ✅ Productizing your expertise Now, let’s determine how YOU can benefit from writing a book… Find out “What’s Your Why” in today’s video. […]

How to Leverage Amazon.com to Build Your Personal Brand

People use Google to Research… People use Amazon to Buy… Amazon is the buyer’s search engine… AND it’s a great tool to build your personal brand by writing and selling a book. On Amazon.com, people search for books that solve their problems. So writing a book focusing on your target audience, their pain point, and how you will solve it will position you to be found via Amazon search. ✅ Amazon is a massive search […]

Finding Your Fire And Unleashing Your Beast With Shawn Antonio

  Shawn Antonio saw a common theme in those who’ve reached the pinnacle of success, which is sadness. This prompted him to write his book, Finding Your Fire Series: Be the Beast You Are, followed by Having Amazing Relationships merely three months later. The series is about unlearning all the bad conditioning and traumas that have gotten in the way of you being you. He discusses how finding your frequency can attract others to you. […]

The question Oprah heard again and again.

  This past weekend I went to Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life on Focus Tour in Los Angeles. From beginning to end, the full-day event was nothing but inspirational, soul stirring, and heart opening as Oprah and guests shared their life lessons, and what it takes to live life “on purpose.” Oprah shared a story about interviewing the likes of Beyoncé, Barack Obama, Tom Cruise, and thousands of other guests during her 25-year tenure on […]

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life With Garrain Jones

  Before you can even think of sharing your story, you need to make sure you find your truth. It can sound challenging, but with a simple change in mindset, you’ll be able to see constant little changes happening around you. Media sensation and author of Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life, Garrain Jones, shares the lowest points in his life in detail and the encounter that ultimately shifted his mindset to be a better […]

How To Subscribe & Rate Our Podcast “5-stars” On iTunes

How To Subscribe To Our Podcast Please use the buttons below to subscribe to Authoring Life on your preferred podcasting app.                     How To Rate Our Podcast “5-stars” To rate our podcast “5-stars” on iTunes & Stitcher please scroll to the corresponding instructions below. Google Podcasts, Tune-In, iHeartRadio, Google Play, and Spotify do not have ratings or reviews for podcasts on their apps. How To Rate Our Podcast “5-stars” On […]

One question to ask yourself today

We live life forwards and we understand it backwards. As everyone reflects on the last year, and even the last decade, we being to understand and empathize our personal peaks and valleys. Which brings me to the age-old narrative archetype, the Hero’s Journey. We see the Hero’s Journey in almost every Hollywood flick or novel, and I see it in almost all of my clients’ non-fiction books or memoirs, especially when they share their personal […]

Forced Transparency

Last week, Uber released a safety report detailing sexual assaults and other safety concerns of the ride-sharing company. The results included almost 6,000 incidents in 2017 and 2018 combined, ranging from “nonconsensual touching” to rape. This is not an email indicting Uber’s leadership, or about the unfortunate statistics revealed in the report. This email is about Truth. Uber was forced into transparency and telling the truth. Why? Because you can’t hide the truth. Here’s some […]

The Value of Doubt

Last week, comedian/actor Sacha Baron Cohen blasted Facebook and other tech companies in an op-ed published in the Washington Post. Photo Via Washingtonpost.com He wrote: “Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media platforms reach billions of people. The algorithms these platforms depend on deliberately amplify content that keeps users engaged – stories that appeal to our baser instincts and trigger outrage and fear. That’s why fake news outperforms real news on social media; studies show […]

The art of creating together.

In a world that touts individualism, it may to hard to see how humans co-create perhaps everything on a daily basis. I mean, Are we truly self-reliant, or do we need others to create? According to the documentary film American Factory, 375 million jobs will be lost to automation globally in the next 10 years. Our imagination, critical thinking, creative visualization, and touch/intimacy skills is what sets humans apart from animals (and hopefully robots/artificial intelligence). […]

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