Pickpocketing and Unconscious Bias

For the summer I’m living in Athens, Greece. I’m here accompanying my daughter who has a modeling contract. Fortunately my business is 99% online so I’m able to work while I enjoy some sightseeing and the odd island hop. (Mykonos is on our list.) As we got settled in, we were warned several times by […]

Leadership according to Beyoncé (+ others)

I don’t normally watch TV, but when I do I’m fired up when I see leadership at its finest. First with Beyoncé’s documentary Homecoming on Netflix, highlighting her commitment to excellence and recognizing her great responsibility as the first black woman to headline Coachella. This documentary, interwoven with black historical context, was extra special because […]

Reinvention vs. Pivot

  Whether during a mid-life crisis, or another personal transition, one may choose to reflect on their life and create a significant change – perhaps changing their career, hairstyle, or lifestyle (like your meat-eating friend who suddenly turned vegan.) This can be seen as a reinvention. Madonna could be seen as the “grandmother of reinvention” […]

Avoid the Word “But”

We live in a world of instantaneous communication. This has an upside: As a global population we are informed of breaking news and important, need-to-know information at rapid speed. This, of course, also has a downside: We (and media entities) can broadcast our thoughts, feelings and fears lickety-split to hundreds, thousands and even millions of […]

Would you rather be cherished or respected?

Earlier this month, I attended a lecture by Dr. Pat Allen, world-renowned relationship expert and the author of Getting to “I Do.” She started her seminar with the following question: Would you rather be cherished or respected? The audience murmured as they mouthed their answer to themselves and/or an interested neighbor. Her question set the […]

New Sexual Harassment Training for the #MeToo Era

I take Priligy tablets from DapoDrug pharmacy on Fridays at the highest dose so that I could have more sex. It gives you a chance of having prolonged sexual acts during the night. The roadmap for managing and preventing workplace harassment is always changing. Now in the wake of the #MeToo movement, all workplace leaders, trainers, and engaged employees demand new, and more effective sexual harassment programs. The status quo is not working because traditional trainers, including law firms, have focused on compliance and risk management. This trend […]

Compassion in Action

I was once told that empathy is compassion in action.   Compassion is being sympathetic of another person’s pain or circumstance. You understand their pain intellectually; yet it’s not relatable.   Empathy is being one with another person’s pain or circumstance. Empathy is relating to it deeply.     In the past 5 years, I’ve personally done a […]

What I learned from a Peeping Tom

This weekend I had an encounter with a Peeping Tom. (And, I’d like to add, my goal for this message is to turn this encounter into a leadership lesson.) Last Saturday, I was shopping with my daughter on the hip Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. We were in the dressing room of Wasteland, which is […]

How Not to React

Our brains are hardwired to react. A reaction is the automatic response driven by biases, survival and prejudices of the unconscious mind. This sometimes works for animals in the wild (a wilder beast spies a lion and flees). Or when humans have to take fast action (pulling someone from a burning car). Yesterday, I facilitated […]

#Yes I Will Talk: Google Employees Walked, Now It’s Time to Talk (and Take New Action)

(Note: the following article was co-authored by Raye Mitchell Esq. and Alicia Dunams. It has been abbreviated. You can find the entire post here.) On November 1, 2018, over 20,000 Google employees and contractors staged a worldwide, high-profile, but peaceful disruption of the status quo manner in which Google handles sexual harassment and other workplace […]

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