Bestseller Profit Mastermind – Details

ACCELERATE your business growth and make more MONEY as a Bestselling Author!

The Bestseller Profit Mastermind is for business owners who have written and published a book, and are now ready to identify and implement innovative ways to promote, market and monetize their way to greater business success by leveraging their book. This year-long mastermind is perfect for the action-taking author who’s ready to discover proven processes and time-tested tactics, while being held accountable to tangible timelines needed to achieve their desired results. The Bestseller Profit Mastermind includes:

>>“Book Marketing & Monetizing” group calls so that you can monetize your way to greater business success by leveraging their book. We get you focused on securing speaking opportunities, selling out seminars, creating product and service offerings, and raising your fees.
>>Monthly “Industry Experts” group calls so that you can get first-hand knowledge from bestselling authors and industry experts on how they’ve achieved scalable businesses.
>>“Facebook Group” access, contests, training , and engagement so that you can network with other dedicated business owners who are committed to success. Create joint partnerships and further collaboration.

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