Bestseller in a Weekend® presents Authoring Leadership™

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Authoring LeadershipWho else wants their employees to be more productive, take on greater initiatives and be more fulfilled at work... 

My name is Alicia Dunams, as founder and CEO of Bestseller in a Weekend, I’ve dedicated my career to coaching thought leaders and business experts to get their books out of their heads and into print with thousands of satisfied clients in all areas of the business world.  

Using the strategies of writing a bestselling book, I’ve developed an innovative, results-oriented leadership retreat that not only develops greater collaboration between employees, creativity, and team-building…it also enriches the pride of accomplishment for the individual participants.  

By developing and co-authoring a tangible product together…a book on whatever topic they choose…individuals will return to the workplace and their personal life with specific skills that enhance their performance, empower their leadership abilities, and instill a higher level of purpose at work (and in their personal lives).

Here’s what your leaders will get by participating in the Authoring Leadership™ retreat.

  • Cutting-edge keys for developing collaboration and problem-solving through storytelling
  • Experiential learning to produce real results in real time by co-authoring a book in partnership
  • Tools to enhance productivity and focus in the workplace
  • Simple steps to quickly build a cohesive team 
  • Mindfulness skills to create open, transparent and vulnerable communication
  • How to promote and market the book as a component of charitable giving and community outreach

Imagine your leaders returning to work with a memorable and potentially bestselling book that can grow your company’s bottom line, enhance every level of corporate communication and human resources, and increase employee engagement.  

Imagine having the ability to empower your people and their performance like never before.  

This can lead your company to greater revenue, market share and profits.

My Authoring Leadership™ training will make that vision a reality…guaranteed.  

Contact me today for further information on our program and guarantee of performance.  

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