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Bestseller Author Spotlight and Book Launch: This Year\’s Featured Authors

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 Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God


Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God: 51 Women Reveal the Power of Positive Female Connection is a compelling collection of essays and art by women from completely different walks of life; everything from famous authors and entrepreneurs to nannies and aspiring artists.
The contributors to this book include: Amie Penwell, Ana Hays, Andrea Drugay, Aspen Baker, Caitlin McCaffrey, Carol Pott, Chieko Murasugi, Christine Arylo, Christine Bronstein, Cristina Robinson, Colleen Joyce, Dana King, Deborah Santana, Diane Tober, PHD., Dominique Browning, Eileen Chao, Hyla Molander, Janine Kovac, Jen Siraganian, Jessica Buchleitner, Joanie Wynn, Joy Nordestrom, Joyce Maynard, Judy Zimola, Kim Shannon, Kimberly Pinkson, Kristin Gerbert, Laura Fenamore, Leila Radan, Liesl Gerntholtz, Lenore Perry, Lissa Rankin, Lone Morch, Margaret Kathrein, Marie Drake, Medea Bern, Mickey Nelson, Mimi Towle, Monica Michelle, Nancy Calef, Rebecca Lubin, Sarah Manyika, Shasta Nelson, Susan Noyes, Susan Schneider, Tamara Holland, Tracy McGhee, Vick Nelson, Victoria Loren Miller, Violet Blue, and Yvonne Latty. Book Editors include Christine Bronstein and Carol Pott.


Author: Christine Bronstein


Christine Bronstein is the founder of a social network and information website for women. She was CEO of one of the few women run, venture backed health and fitness companies in the nation for 8 years and president of a child-welfare foundation for 3 years. She is a graduate of Columbia/UC-Berkeley executive MBA program and a member of the honor society Beta Gamma Sigma.
Chris is married to Bay Area journalist Phil Bronstein and mother of three.

60 Seconds

In 60 Seconds, Switch Video Founder and CEO Andrew Angus explains how to tell your company\’s story. In this book you will discover how to simplify your company\’s story, how to use the dual coding theory, and how to better connect with your audience.

Author: Andrew Angus

Andrew Angus is the founder and CEO of Switch Video. Andrew was there at the beginning of the explainer video era. Now, a few years and over 300 videos later, Andrew’s passion is still for providing Switch Video’s clients with exceptional service, processes and a product they can be proud of.
Andrew is a leader in the explainer video industry. He spearheads the movement to integrate brain science and web metrics into the production of animated explainer videos. Switch Video’s explainer videos aren’t just cute, funny and entertaining – they’re proven effective marketing tools used by companies worldwide.

Home Team

HOME TEAM is the homeowner’s insider guide to a “happily-ever-after” remodeling or renovation project. By following Kevin Balestrieri’s Four Cs: Connect, Communicate, Check Off, and Complete, you will learn to speak the language of your home team—your architect, designer, and contractor— minimizing miscommunications and maximizing the success of your project.

Author: Kevin Balestrieri

With more than 18 years in the construction industry, Kevin Balestrieri is a master carpenter and knows the importance of experienced trades. With an undergraduate degree in business communication from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and a certificate in Construction management, Kevin is a licensed General Contractor that specializes in distinguished custom residential and commercial construction. Providing, individualized attention to detail to create the highest quality projects while exceeding customer expectation.

The Barefoot Spirit


The Barefoot Spirit is a guidebook for anyone in business and a great read for everyone who loves a rags-to-riches story. Filled with many eye-openers, including:
•How Michael and Bonnie used worthy cause marketing to create one of the most recognized brands in the world
•Why they never spent a dime on traditional advertising
•The surprising advantages of being small and broke
•How creating a fun, yet hardworking culture kicks productivity into high gear
•How handling mistakes the right way saves essential business relationships
•Why attitude and determination trumps knowledge and experience
“The Barefoot Spirit” is the story of a little winery that broke all the rules…
and left its footprints all over the industry.
When Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey started Barefoot Wines in their laundry room in 1985, they had no idea what they were doing. They had no money or experience, but they made up for that with creativity, resourcefulness, guts and grit. By the time they sold the brand in 2005, they’d won a ton of awards and helped transform an entire industry from stuffy and intimidating to fun, casual, and socially aware.
The Barefoot Spirit is no dry business textbook. The lessons are cheerfully woven inside a 20-year story that’s inspiring, amazing and entertaining. It’s a case study, an idea book, an uncommon peek behind the curtain of the wine business and a snapshot of the American spirit West Coast style.

Author: Michael Houlihan

Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey started the largest single wine label in the country in the laundry room of their rented Sonoma county farmhouse. They had no money and no knowledge of the wine industry but used out-of-the-box thinking, positive company culture and worthy cause marketing to make Barefoot Wine  a national best seller! and they did it without advertising!. The Barefoot Spirit is a business adventure story with an uncommon peak behind the scenes at the wine industry – and what it take to be a success in any business. Today they are highly sought after consultants helping start-ups to fortune 500s. They are Key Note Speakers, Published Authors, Bloggers, Teachers, webinar seminar leaders. They are frequent Guests on TV and Radio.Their articles have been published in Time, Entrepreneur, and countless other  business and trade publications. They bill themselves as Entrepreneurial Cheerleaders and Worthy Cause Matchmakers. Tonight we are happy to have Michael with us to share some thoughts (and some Champagne, thank you very much!) on The Barefoot Spirit!

What\’s Your Price?

When Brandon Wade, a skinny and geeky Asian guy, moved to the US to study at MIT over 20 years ago, he was extremely shy with women. Brandon had never been kissed until the age of 21, and his love life was a constant struggle because he didn\’t have the social skills of a pickup artist or the muscular physique of an athlete. Like the millions of guys who are seen standing lonely and awkwardly in the corners of every bar, nightclub or party, little did Brandon know that later in life he would embark on an amazing journey to date some of the most beautiful women in the world and eventually end up finding love.
This book is about Brandon\’s invention – – a website where men like him, successful but shy with women, can make cash offers for the chance to go out on a first date with some of the most beautiful women in the world—some of whom they never thought they’d have a chance with. But don\’t judge the website by its cover. It\’s time to take a deeper look into the countless numbers of people who have found love, romance or companionship because they were willing to try this new approach…

Author: Brandon Wade

My name is Brandon Wade. I’m a serial internet entrepreneur, and the author of a few books on dating, and social networking. I am also the founder of a number of online dating websites including the world’s largest sugar daddy dating website (, a leading millionaire matchmaking website (, an innovative online dating and first date marketplace where singles can bid for a first date (, and more recently the world’s first travel dating website where attractive singles can travel with generous free (
Adam Gilad (Author of What\’s Your Price)
\"\"Emmy-Nominated Producer, Screenwriter, Author and Entrepreneur, Adam Gilad leads a community for over 50,000 men and women on their quest to create love and an inspired life. He has written guidebooks for effective online dating, for men, and for women. His blogs can be found at for men, for women. He is the host of for both men and women. He is the father of two sons.

My Parent Plan

For parents, it’s a daunting task to effectively coordinate your family’s daily schedule between work, home, school, childcare, sports, hobbies, community projects, friends, family and everything else in our busy lives. This book uses business-based project planning concepts in developing your own “Parent Plan”. The result is a step by step guide to organize your family’s schedule and commitments through a practical approach to coordinating priorities and activities inside and outside your home.

Author: Beth Blecherman


With three young boys (and a fabulous TechDad) in the home, Beth Blecherman transitioned from her position as Senior Manager and Consultant at Deloitte to Family Manager for the Blecherman household. As the boys grew, Beth re-engaged her consulting career, using social media to discuss and speak on family technology. She is now applying her years of consulting, technology, and family management to help other families use project management and priority setting to create their own “Parent (PROJECT) Plan.”

Beth Blecherman’s personal blog,, and her social media channels, including Twitter @TechMama, Google+, YouTube, and Facebook. Beth has contributed family tech posts or articles to multiple websites, including,, and She presented at numerous conferences (including SXSW, BlogHer, Web2.0 and CES) and has been on many lists including Time 140 Best Twitter Feeds, PC Magazines Twitter Top 100, Working List of Most Powerful Moms in Social Media and Forbes Top 100 Website for Women.

Star Walk

In Star Walk, model coach Charleston Pierce shares how your walk can help you boost your confidence and tap into your own inner power. Your star walk will take you anywhere you want to go, while it attracts people who want to march with you.

Author: Charleston Pierce

Charleston Pierce is a San Francisco native from the Bay View District, and the eldest son of 14 siblings. He began his modeling career in the late 80\’s as one of Jimmie Grimme\’s models. He later signed on with Stars Model Management and has been with them since. Charleston attributes his people skills to his family and his artistic vision and production expertise to over 20 in the entertainment industry.
Working with the likes of industry greats such as Jimmie Grimmes, Larry Hashbarger, Joe Montana, Tyra Banks, Eddie Murphy, Danny Glover, Cindy Crawford, to name a few, Mr. Pierce\’s career spans almost two decades and has included countless appearances in national billboard campaigns, print advertising spots, commercials, fashion shows, movies as well as a long and thriving modeling career.
In San Francisco, Charleston is most well known for his dynamic presence on the runway in the Macy\’s Passport annual fashion shows. In recent years, Macy\’s Passport, impressed with his expertise, tapped Charleston to work as their model coach and runway trainer. He also took on the honored role of training the member/models in the Junior League of San Francisco\’s 82nd annual fashion show fundraiser. He was further honored by being nominated as a 2008 Man of the Year Candidate for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
Much of Charleston\’s recent notoriety can be attributed to the 2007 launch of \”Charleston Presents\” – an exciting series of fashion, music and entertainment events that focus on promoting local designers, supporting charities and breathing new life into the San Francisco fashion scene.

Embracing Defiance

As human beings, our deepest desire is to feel understood, respected, valued for who we are and not how others expect us to be– this holds true especially for teens who often feel repressed by expectations of parents and demands from peers. Sensing that they have no say and lacking the proper communication skills they resort to “acting out” in defiant ways.
Rather than resorting to clichés like, “they’ll grow out of it,” Embracing Defiance: Helping Your Child Express Their Unique Voice while Keeping Your Sanity shows parents how to embrace what they naturally want to repel by uncovering the hidden benefits of defiance, identifying where it actually comes from, and what both teens and parents alike can do about it.
Dr. Beth Halbert introduces us to the Inner Family and clearly explains how and why it continues to shape and determine our lives. This thought provoking and timely book provides 10 Keys, practical tools to navigate the emotional challenges, ones we all face, with compassion, understanding and love. Through personal stories, easy-to-follow exercises, and real world examples, Dr. Beth shows she “get’s it” by giving you the insight and information you need on how to understand your child’s—as well as your own—defiance, so that you can break out of toxic patterns, and maintain open lines of communication throughout the difficult teen years, and for a lifetime.

Author: Beth Halbert

Dr. Beth Halbert is a licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in the empowerment of children, teenagers and adults. Because she has such a gift and a passion for transforming defiant teenage energy into personal authentic power, she has been called \”\”America\’s Teenologist\”\” by Mom\’s The Word Radio and various parenting groups in the Bay Area. She is the best-selling author and Mom’s Choice Award of \”\”Embracing Defiance: Helping Your Child Express Their UNIQUE VOICE While Keeping YOUR SANITY\”\” which helps parents understand the benefits of defiant behavior and transform parenting challenges into new connections. Through her national Peaceful Parenting Program™, Keynote Addresses, Newspaper Columns, Magazine Articles, and Television and Radio appearances, Dr. Beth helps families joyfully transition into and through the teen years.

Girl From the Hood Gone Good

Girl from the Hood Gone Good discusses the trials and tribulations Sanchez underwent throughout most of her life. It shares many of the tools and resources she acquired along the way as she sought and fought for the answer and key out of her chaotic situation. Her life was filled with childhood molestation, domestic violence, drinking, drugs and an overall lifestyle fueled by doses of daily insanity. She managed to persevere by going to school, attaining a higher education resulting in a Master\’s Degree and receiving extended certificates and accolades. She turned to self help books, healers, counselors, psychotherapists and spiritual teachers to release the negative mindset that had bound her for decades. In this book she guides the reader into understanding how they too can begin this journey of self discovery, self awareness and healing from a pain filled past into a joy filled tomorrow.

Author: Ana Maria Sanchez

Ana Maria Sanchez holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and is a Spiritual Guidance Counselor, Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Facilitator and Reiki Master Healer empowering people to live the lives they deserve. She is also the best -selling author of Girl from the Hood Gone Good which discusses the trials and tribulations she underwent throughout most of her life. It shares many of the tools and resources she acquired along the way as she sought and fought for the answer and key out of her chaotic situation.
Her life was filled with childhood molestation, domestic violence, drinking, drugs and an overall lifestyle fueled by doses of daily insanity. She managed to persevere by going to school, attaining a higher education and receiving extended certificates and accolades. She turned to self help books, healers, counselors, psychotherapists and spiritual teachers to release the negative mindset that had bound her for decades.
Because of her own struggles Ana Maria’s passion is to guide others into understanding how they too can begin this journey into self love and self discovery, and begin the healing from a pain filled past into a joy filled tomorrow.

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