Wealthy Girl Summit Recordings

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SUBJECT: Learn The Secrets To Becoming a Wealthy Girl
SUBJECT: Want to become a Wealthy Girl? Here’s How.
SUBJECT: For less than $47 learn the secrets to becoming a Wealthy Girl


I’d like to tell you about a product I think would greatly interest you as both a woman and an entreprener.  It’s called the Wealthy Girl Summit Recordings. In 2008 successful model, mom, author and entrepreneur Alicia Dunams gathered together an IMPRESSIVE list of 13 of the brightest female minds ontopics such as: wealth creation, entrepreneurship, investing, and financial planning. The result was the Wealthy Girl Summit, a virtual gathering that spanned a movement that instills women to create wealth in all areas of their life.

Speakers include such power-house women as:

Alexis Neely
Lori Langemeier
Adryenn Ashley
Elizabeth Potts Weinstein
Christine Comaford-Lynch
and many more…

Through her own journey creating financial success Alicia found that most of the “how to” information out there on entrepreneurship and wealth building DOESN’T address the unique financial challenges that come with being a woman… because most of it is created by men for other men.  So, she created the Wealthy Girl Summit to meet the unique needs of women everywhere.

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Whether you’re just starting your own business or need some sense of direction in your existing goals, the Wealthy Girl Summit will empower you to become the creator of your own success.

The best part?  Participants of the orignal Wealthy Girl Summit paid as much as $394 to attend.  Alicia is allowing you access to this FANTASTIC information for as little as $49  for the individual modules!  Modules include tips on financial planning, personal finance, and investing.


This is the time and these are the tools that women have been waiting on for centuries.  Don’t miss your opportunity to start building the life you’ve always dreamed of!  Order your copy of the Wealthy Girl Summit recordings and begin to create your own success in a way that your mother and your grandmother never could have dreamed of.

To Your Success!


P.S. – Along with being a successful model and author, Alicia Dunams is a business coach and publishing consultant that shares her knowledge with clients all over the world.  Fan her on Twitter @AliciaDunams to get started transforming your life and exceeding your professional and financial goals.

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