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Are you a Goal Digger?  Download your copy of this book and find out!


First, let me explain what a Goal Digger is. A Goal Digger is a woman who:

1. Desires wealth in all areas of life
2. Seeks the secrets of the millionaire mind
3. Has the smarts, optimism, integrity, and passion to do it herself

Sound like you? Well, then YES! You ARE a Goal Digger.

Goal Digger:  Lessons Learned From The Rich Men I Dated is author Alicia Dunams’ Amazon.com bestselling, inspiring book. Part memoir, part self-help, Alicia shares the story of how she dated rich men, in an effort to marry rich, only to turn her dates and would-be suitors into mentors, coaches, and spiritual gurus. Goal Digger: Lessons Learned From The Rich Men I Dated is a titillating, intriguing story line that invites you to track Alicia’s transformation from wanting to marry a millionaire to deciding to become one herself.

Now, with the lessons Alicia shares in her book, you too can learn the methods to make more money, jumpstart your ideas and enjoy your ultimate lifestyle using the Rich Men secrets she learned throughout her journey!

Inside this sizzling tell-all, Alicia shares:

  • how to use the OPC wealth formula to transform your thinking, finances and life
  • how to make more and work less
  • how to develop a “millionaire mindset”
  • how to get “unstuck”
  • how to start and grow a business that gives you the freedom to work from, and live, anywhere
  • how to build a powerful team to support your success

So, if you’re not a Goal Digger, you NEED to become one. There’s no question about it.   With Alicia’s stunning ebook, learn to cultivate your own personal wealth that will lead you on the path to your own financial success. Any woman can do it. YOU CAN DO IT.

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To Your Success!

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