Adam Gilad, Winner of Bestseller in a Weekend \”Longest Book\” Award

Just off a wildly successful Bestseller in a Weekend in LA (my first one outside San Francisco), and I’m super excited to announce the winner of the  ‘Longest Book’ Award. Author Adam Gilad won the award, creating a 108 page draft book over the weekend.
Here\’s what he had to say:

Alicia – you are awesome!  This was not only insanely productive, but fun!  The way you organized the process and horesewhipped us through the weekend was essential. Everyone has a book in them.  But they will die with it lodged between their spleen and their regret glands if they don\’t come and just DO IT!  Your slogan should be \”Just DO IT WITH ALICIA! \” And get it done.  Thank you so much.

\"\"More about Adam:
Adam Gilad is an eclectic, inveterate creator, writer, Emmy-nominated Producer, traveler, scholar, teacher, student and life-enthusiast. Read more here.

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