4 \’Must-Read\’ Fitness Books That Inspire

Just a disclaimer before we get started – I\’m completely enamored by the four people in the following recommended list: 4 \’Must-Read\’ Fitness Books That Inspire.  As my clients and colleagues, Dane, Nicole, JJ and Jennifer are people with inspiring messages of transformation and growth, and their goal is to encourage others to reach this transformation through fitness. They are \”real, everyday\” people and their fitness regimen has changed their own life and inspires change in others though a variety of fitness and wellness regimens. Enjoy!
1) 138,336 Feet to Pure Bliss: What I Learned about Life, Women (and Running) in My 1st 100 Marathons by Dane Rauschenberg. *Out May 30, 2012*
Dane Rauschenberg is an extreme athlete who made his mark on the running world as the man who ran 52 marathons in 52 consecutive weekends. As an extreme athlete who has also run a 202-mile relay solo and completed a 350-mile run up the coast of Oregon, he doesn\’t just know running, he has explored it to the deepest reaches of its mental, physical and emotional boundaries.
In 138,336 Feet to Pure bliss, Dane chronicles his first 100 marathons and details some of the premier races in marathon history, all while sharing knowledge he gained about life nd running. Along the way, he charts the highs and lows, the successes and failures in a voice that blends wisdom, humor, and heart.
To meet Dane Rauschenberg LIVE and purchase a copy of his book, join us at the Bestseller Author Spotlight, May 30, 2012 in San Francisco, CA.
2. 2 Minute Yoga FAST and EASY: Stress and Back Pain Relief for ANYONE at ANYTIME by Nicole DeAvilla. *Out May 30, 2012*

Nicole is extremely passionate about brining \”yoga to the people.\”
With 2 Minute Yoga, there\’s finally  a yoga book without the insider jargon and pretzel like positions. 2 Minute Yoga FAST and EASY Stress and Back Pain Relief for ANYONE at ANYTIME, is simple, fun and effective that can give you the amazing benefits of looking and feeling younger, healthier and calmer. Backed by science and experience Nicole DeAvilla leads you safely and with humor through 8 effective 2 Minute Yoga routines. Abundant with tips for your success and offering support and community, 2 Minute Yoga will help you to feel connected, healthy, vibrant, calm and ready to go! Go Like her fan page.
To meet Nicole DeAvilla LIVE and purchase a copy of her book, join us at the Bestseller AuthorSpotlight, May 30, 2012 in San Francisco, CA.
\"\"3. Fit 2 Love: How to Get Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually Fit to Attract the Love of Your Life by JJ Flizanes.
***#1 Amazon Bestseller in Fitness***
If you\’re looking for serious inspiration, look no further than Fit 2 Love. J.J. Flizanes\’s book is passionate and her ideas about \”fitness\” are fresh and feminine. This book isn\’t the average, run-of-the-mill \”do these 10 standard exercises\” to lose weight book.
J.J. includes other people\’s experiences, which shows how her advice works practically in the real world. For more info on JJ, visit and
\"\"4. Find Your Inner Goddess: Get Body Confidence Beautiful by Jennifer Ettinger.
***#1 Amazon Bestseller in Fitness***
Fit Your Style empowers all women to have the confidence of a Goddess. Women come in all shapes and sizes, and Fit Your Style sees the goddess in each of them. Out flowing from her own struggle with body image and chronic fatigue syndrome, author Jennifer Ettinger has a passion for sharing what she learned on her own journey. She has now written a book to help each woman’s journey. Women will be encouraged to stay strong in their journey through lifestyle choices such as healthy eating, exercising and meditation, and imagery of goddesses throughout art and history boosts that strength. This is a complete manual to find that inner goddess, so each woman will then exude that kind of beauty and know how to enhance it as she feels it from within. For more information, visit

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