(Video) Four Tools to Scale Your Business #MotivationMentor

Today, I’m writing from (close to) Malaga, Spain, so I asked the co-founders of Business Plan in Weekend, Tom Spitale and Mary Abbazia, to create short “Motivation Mentor” video to inspire you about growing your business. Plus, below are three resources specifically created to scale your business, increase revenue, and attract investors. Don’t miss out on these, as […]

Authors of The Accidental Marketer Launch Business Plan Writing Program, Business Plan in a Weekend

Business Plan in a Weekend™, a live, virtual online business growth program, will provide access to business planning tools and approaches used by big companies to grow – but tailored to small business’ unique need. A survey of 3,000 business owners by Palo Alto Software showed that those with a written plan were about twice […]

5 Crucial Questions a “New-School” Business Plan Will Answer to MAXIMIZE SALES and INCREASE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE

Business planning as most know it is out-of-date. The practice of prescribing every detail of your plan for success is “old-school.” You must get new products to market fast and be quick to change based on customer feedback. But you can’t stand in front of the sharks – be they customer, investors or employees — […]

[Video] Motivation Mentor in Europe

In this week’s “Motivation Mentor,” I interview Miha Pogacnik, celebrity keynote speaker, celebrated violinist and visionary, who shares how music can motivate you to move into action through 3 steps: Click here to watch the video on YouTube. Miha plays the violin to inspire people into creative action, and as a way to disrupt rote […]

[VIDEO] #MotivationMentor: How to Overcome “What if?”

Welcome, and let’s get motivated for another week. I personally needed my own motivational mojo this last Friday night as my daughter and I were denied boarding for our flight to Italy. (We arrived in England, and found out that her US passport needed a 3-6 month buffer before its expiration date to get to […]

[Video] How to Ask for What You Want

Ever have trouble asking for what you want? In this week’s Motivation Mentor video, I discuss two golden statements that will support you in getting what you want – in the most pleasant yet persistent way. Click here to watch the video on YouTube. I truly believe “language is life” and  these tools will be able to support you in communicating in […]

[Video] #MotivationMentor Mondays with Darren Kavinoky

This weekend I hosted Bestseller in a Weekend LIVE and we had leaders from all over the world… Nigeria, Dubai, India and the US collaborating on their books. Books with topics ranging from human rights all the way to mind-hacking were discussed and written. My friend, Darren Kavinoky discussed TV Publicity for authors, and I […]

The Five Mistakes Fiction Writers Make and How to Avoid Them

As an author and book coach specializing in teaching others to write, I receive this question a lot. “Isn’t it difficult to write a book?” My answer is always this: “Yes, but it doesn’t have to be.” Writing a novel, whether it’s a fantasy involving new worlds or a romance containing scintillating love scenes, can […]

[Video] What’s Your Uncomfortable Zone

Alicia here. I hope you’re enjoying your 3-day holiday weekend! In honor of Memorial Day, I’ve decided to re-launch my “Monday Motivation Mentor” video series. It’s something that I used to send out on occasion, but because I’ve had so many people ask, I’ve started filming the series again and will be sending a motivational video […]

Inside the Mind of an Author: Michael Ellsberg

Event to be held at the following time, date, and location: Monday, March 28, 2016 from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM (PDT) Shade Hotel 1221 North Valley Drive Conference Room Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 >> Attend Event << [LA Exclusive] Connect and learn from this bestselling author Are you ready to meet face-to-face with the best […]

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