[LAST CALL] Bestseller in a Weekend in Los Angeles

This month I host my last LIVE, in-person Bestseller in a Weekend workshop; since 2011 over 2000 plus speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs just like YOU have successfully become Authors through the program! If you’ve been on the fence, procrastinating, or thinking there’s still time to get your book done… There’s no more time to hit the “snooze button” my last and final live workshop […]

“The Biggest Loser” on the Hot Seat

I’m super pumped to be launching my new interview video show and podcast (podcast launches next week). The premise of the show is intimate interviews with today’s influencers, and I have not quite settled in on an official name, so if you have an idea please add to the comments below.  In this episode I interview, Devin […]

(PDF Blueprint) The “treasure map” to hidden cash in your business

I’ve never seen anything like this kind of transparency and generosity… This Blueprint is the result of Marisa Murgatroyd’s obsessive multi-year-long search to figure out how to get better results from her info products, trainings and courses. What she found quite literally 10X’d her sales, income & impact, and it can do the same for […]

7 Reasons Business Owners Should Write a Book

Business owners often entertain several marketing ideas and strategies to increase competitive advantage and online exposure. Questions arise like, Should I start a podcast? Write press releases? Host weekly webinars? Or, perhaps write a book? I find many of my clients write and publish a book as a way to build a brand, attract clients and, thereby, increase revenue. Case […]

[PDF] This private experiment blew my mind

  Earlier this year, my friend Marisa Murgatroyd ran a private experiment to create and sell a “new” kind of info product and got some absolutely CRAZY results which I’ll tell you about in a sec. Her theory was simple: 1. Information Products just seem to do a LOUSY job of helping people 2. The WHOLE PLANET is […]

[DOWNLOAD] 10 Steps to Create “Viral” Products

I wish I had this years ago! It’s a proven, step-by-step checklist that tells you EXACTLY how to create a product, program or course that markets…. ITSELF! Really?   [Yes, it’s possible with this Viral Product Checklist!] If you’re sick of being on a constant marketing “hamster wheel”… … and you want to love your business again, be […]

[Case Study from the Venture Capital Industry] 3 Signs You Need to Write a Book

(Author Note: I originally wrote this article in 2011, but felt the information is just as relevant today. It’s been lightly polished [revised and edited] for this new publish date.) Last week, I had the pleasure to attend the TEDx Bay Area Women event, which highlighted speakers doing great work in the areas of global and social […]

Complimentary Strategy Session

If you’re really serious about accelerating your business growth, implementing innovative marketing strategies, writing a book ‘rapid-fire’ fast, or launching a profitable online business with virtual trainings, I’m offering FREE strategy sessions to a selective group of hungry coaches, speakers, business authors and entrepreneurs. Do any of these sound familiar? ▪    I Want to Make […]

[Video] Life on your terms…

I’m writing from the island of Ibiza – finishing up my 8 weeks tour of Europe. It’s been rewarding teaching marketing courses in Slovenia and Bulgaria, as well as facilitating a Bestseller in a Weekend in Amsterdam. In this week’s Motivation Mentor, I interview my friend JuVan Langford, founder of The Elevated Man Tour, and […]

Don’t Use a Ghostwriter: 5 Reasons You Should Write Your Own Book

Transparency. In a world where transparency and openness reigns, the use of a ghostwriter can have negative connotations. This gives rise to the trend of co-authorships or celebrities who acknowledge and give credit to the writer of the book by including their name in the author byline. (The word “ghostwriter” signifies that the actual writer is […]

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