Let’s get intimate

Leading With Intimacy

  This year has been something else, personally speaking. I’ve gotten the chance to grow through bittersweet endings and new starts, and to learn how I can become a better mother, business owner and friend.  I’d like to invite you on the journey with me, through my new video series, Leading With Intimacy   The first video […]

My Big Announcement


It’s been a while since I sent a personal email. Over the last few weeks, I’ve probably seemed more like a machine than a human being. I mean, emails like “Audiobook in a Weekend – Free Webinar” “Write your Fiction Book” “Turn Your Book into a Hollywood Film” I might as well be P.T. Barnum. […]

First Audiobook in a Weekend Program Scheduled

Alicia Dunams announces her first AudioBook in a Weekend webinar for both fiction and nonfiction authors which will be held from October 4-5, 2014. The virtual online program is an extension of her Bestseller in a Weekend programs, which have helped hundreds of authors write, publish, and promote a book in one weekend. Now she […]

Visual Marketing for Business: Instagram, Facebook, and Infographics

Free Online Live Event-02

Pulling together her top clients and experts, Alicia Dunams hosts live Google+ Hangouts covering relevant business topics. On July 31, she gathered Jenna Phillips, Vickie Sucliano, Julia Price, Lisa Rothstein, and Maiyah Olivas for her most attended and popular hangout to date. They discussed visual secrets for business Instagram and Facebook posts and infographics because […]

Felicia Slattery: ALL IN with Communicating Leadership

Felicia Slattery - podcast intro photo

Alicia gets real with Felicia Slattery, talking about the power of connection in business. Learn more about the right way to be remembered at networking events and the personal power of thinking big in this fun and informative podcast. Felicia Slattery is on a mission to help business owners and entrepreneurs create meaningful connections through […]

Subconscious Uncoupling


Recently, you have probably noticed I have been sharing very intimate thoughts with you, ranging from my battle with body issues (not feeling “good enough”) to sharing videos of a massive breakdown/breakthrough I had after years of bottled-up pain. Now, I have a painful YET wisdom-rich experience I’d like to share. My fiancé and I of 5 1/2 years just recently ended our relationship. We […]

Picking a Book Title That Sells

Book Title

First impressions count. We judge books superficially. That’s reality. In this age of streaming media, instant downloads, and lightning speed communications, to get someone’s attention, you really have to stand out. You have to pique interest from the start—and then, it’s up to your content, your work, to keep them hooked. You may have penned […]

[Live Event] How to Publish and Profit in 2014

P2P Webinar badge

Join me this Saturday at 11 am PST / 2pm EST for “How to Publish and Profit in 2014.” During this live webinar, we’ll talk about how writing a book and creating an online training business can increase your revenue and your freedom. Plus, I’ll give you specific formulas on how to profit in 2014. What is Publish 2 Profit?   It’s […]

Can I share an intimate moment with you?

Mommy stance

Can I share an intimate moment with you? I haven’t emailed in a while, as I’m going through a real tough time in my life right now. To tell you the truth, I’m not quite ready to share what has transpired in the last few months, as I need some time to sit with it, […]

Thulani DeMarsey: ALL IN with Holistic Success

Thulani DeMarsay - podcast intro photo

Are you stressed and scared? Do you find yourself caught in addictive behaviors? Go ALL IN with Alicia and Thulani DeMarsey and learn more about how your mindset can change your business. Thulani DeMarsay is an established life coach specializing in stress management, workplace wellness, organizational effectiveness, and addiction recovery. At the heart of Thulani’s philosophy is a […]