[Video] Be a Victor of Your Circumstance


One of my favorite sayings is: “There is no such things as victims, only volunteers.” In this week’s #MotivationMentor video, I discuss two specific tools to help you easily shift from a ‘victim’ state to a ”victorious state.’ Is it possible to acknowledge and move on? Or turn an obstacle into an opportunity? Indeed, so! […]

[Video] Failing to Launch?


Is perfectionism holding you back? In this week’ Motivation Mentor video, I discuss the very perfectionisms that prevent us from launching. I also mention a Fortune 100 company that launches imperfect products and apps almost yearly, and has a line of raving fans waiting out the door. Are you bold enough to launch when it […]

[Video] Acknowledge Before It’s Too Late


As your Motivation Mentor, I learned the hard way that we get to acknowledge people in the here and NOW – not when it’s too late. Acknowledge people when they’re still with us (not just after they pass). Today, I invite you to take on a loving challenge. Watch this to see what I’m talking […]

[Video] Commitment


During this week’s #MotivationMentor video, I talk about a personal breakdown I had with commitment, and I use it as a teaching opportunity on how we can power through and ensure we keep commitments to other people and most importantly to ourselves. If you are tired of breaking commitments to yourself, watch this video. Question […]

[Video] Did it happen TO you or FOR you?

did it happen to you or for you

Did it happen TO you or FOR you? In previous episodes I asked the question, “Are you SEEKING or are you SOURCING?” And “Did it happen TO you or did it happen FOR you?” I have a question for you: What are you looking to accomplish in the next 30 days? (Business, life, relationships) What […]

[Video] Are you Seeking or Sourcing?

are you seeking or sourcing

Are you Seeking or Sourcing? When you come from a place of “seeking” there is an air of scarcity and desperation. When you come from a place of “sourcing” you come from creation and abundance. You are SOURCE. In the comments below, please share examples from your life where you are SOURCE.

Systemizing and Scaling Your Online Business with Alicia Dunams and Stephen EsKetzis

Podcast: Systemizing and Scaling Your Online Business     TRANSCRIPTION: [00:14] Stephen: Hey guys, Stephen Esketzis here form Marketing on the Move and I’ve got Alicia with me. Alicia how are you going? Alicia: I’m doing well Stephen thank you so much. Stephen: Thanks for coming on. Now just at the beginning, I’m going to say it early. […]

The “Drop In” Method


  How do you go from head to your heart?   In this weeks vlog I talk about The Drop In Method and 3 simple steps to ensure that you are communicating from the purest place, your heart.   

3 Secrets to Extremely Profitable Businesses


I want to share a personal story with you that I haven’t shared in public before. It’s a story about how I transformed my self and my business into what it is today. You see it all started 8 years ago. I was a single mom entrepreneur with a business where I worked like crazy. […]

Creating 2015


On January 1st, I asked my community to partner with me in making 2015 the most impactful year of their lives. To do that, I created a quick survey to see what they want the next 364 days to look like. Here are the results. What would you like to be your biggest triumph in […]