Karaoke for 7-Figure Entrepreneurs

I don’t now about you, but for the last few months I have been rubbing shoulders with 7-figure entrepreneurs. Why? To get to the next level in my business. I mean, why do it alone when I can just be mentored by someone who has already done it! I have to admit, over the last year I have been thinking a bit (dare I say it) SMALL, even though I have built a six-figure coaching […]

One more publishing myth… revealed

# I’ve done my part, I wrote the book, I don’t have to do anything else. Your work has just begun. Gone are the days of the solitary hermetic writer who pounds out words on a typewriter and sends it off to be dealt with by a vast army of editors, publishers, and publicity agents. Nowadays an author is lucky if his book gets diligently edited without him having to hire an independent editor on […]

17 Common Myths About Book Publishing and How To Avoid Their Traps

Most wanna-be authors hold false beliefs about the publishing business that are either outdated or were purely mythical to begin with. Here’s how to avoid making mistakes by believing these 17 myths. Here are myths 1-5 1. Once I write my book the money will start rolling in. I’m sorry to break the news, but the idea that you’ll make a fortune on your book is not realistic. I tell my clients to think of […]

How Writing a Book (in 17 days!) will Establish You as an Expert, Boost Your Brand and Double your Profits!

Are you a small business owner, entrepreneur, or professional who wants to publish a book, market your message, and make more money than you ever thought possible? Hi, my name is Alicia Dunams, and I coach my clients on how to expedite the book writing process and make their “book a business.” My clients are bestsellers, have appeared on national media outlets like 20/20, CNN, and The New York Times, and are adding hundreds of […]

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