How Your Mind Manifests (Video)

…money A few weeks back, CapitalOne® sponsored a panel at my conference Wealthy Girl Summit, which featured Leanne Jacobs, International Speaker and Author of Beautiful Money and Christine Lu, Cross Border Investments, specializing in China/US Venture Capital, and Allison Duffee, Vice President, Business Partnerships at CapitalOne®. The panel brilliantly establishes the importance of the “money […]

Wealthy Girl Summit Videos

Wealthy Girl Summit is the premiere wealth building conference designed to empower and provide women with key strategies for building and maintaining wealth. The conference will host more than 10 distinguished panelists and speakers. Keynote speakers include Lisa Leslie, Author, four-time Olympian, and star of this season’s The Apprentice; Bridgette Chambers, Author, Award-Winning CEO and Turnaround […]

The Truth About Making Money Online (Video)

…it’s not as “easy” as you think. Last month, Infusionsoft® sponsored a panel at my conference Wealthy Girl Summit, which featured Shama Hyder, CEO of Marketing Zen, an award-winning web marketing and digital PR firm, and Marisa Murgatroyd, CEO of Live Your Message. Marisa brilliantly starts of this panel with “You first need to learn […]

Need a credit card for business? Read this…

I’m excited to announce my partnership with Capital One® Spark Business® to offer the Spark® Cash card to my community. Like I discussed recently on KTLA news, credit cards offer you financial freedom when you are growing your business, and the credit line to “have your back” anytime life throws you a curve ball. With […]

Leadership Lessons from World-Class Athletes (Video)

Firm. Friendly. Fair. A powerful mantra for negotiating, and one of the leadership tools I learned in the new book From the Court to the Boardroom: The Path to Empowerment. NBA Hall of Fame inductee Magic Johnson wrote the foreword of their book. Now co-authors, Bridgette Chambers and Lisa Leslie, WNBA, Gold Medal Olympian, and […]

Top Branding Tips from Celebrity Authors (plus free infographic for building a LIVE audience)

Another video from my live event. In it, Jackie Christie and Emily Morse, celebrity influencers who have built and monetized their brands through books, social media, podcasts and reality TV, share their branding tips. Watch and learn… because brand building is not just about writing and launching a book. It’s about creating influence, value and […]

Wealthy Girl Summit 2017

View over 400 photos from the Wealthy Girl Summit.

Sneak Peak (NY Times bestseller on video)

Last week was full of highlights for me, including appearing on KTLA news (Los Angeles) and hosting a women’s conference with top celebrities and influencers. I’ll tell you about KTLA later, but, right now, would love to give you a sneak peak to my interview with Nicole Lapin, New York Times bestseller of Rich Bitch […]

Wealthy Girl Summit 2017 Latest Press Release

(LOS ANGELES, CA) – Alicia Dunams, CEO and founder of Bestseller in a Weekend and The Book Funnel, announced that the registration is now open for their second Wealthy Girl Summit.  The conference is designed by and for women being held at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel on March 31, 2017 from 9 AM – […]

Alicia Dunams Live on KTLA5 with the Top 5 Money Tips For Women

My name is Alicia Dunams, and I am a successful serial entrepreneur of 16 years, surpassing the national average for small business owners, and single mother, author of the bestseller, Goal Digger: Lessons Learned from the Rich Men I Dated, and the founder and host of Wealthy Girl Summit. Admittedly I have learned most of […]

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